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So guys, I love this game, and it's super easy to set up online since we already have tons of people available without the silly need for all being physically in the same place.

For those that don't know what Werewolf is, here's a quick rundown. A nice tl;dr is a game for devious folk who enjoy talking on their feet.

There are two to three teams: Villager, Wolves, and sometimes Specials. To make a long story short, the game begins on Night 1, when the wolves all vote on who to kill. After that we transition to Day 1, when the villagers all talk about what they learned in the night with their 'classes' and try to deduce who needs to be hung. At the end of the day, they vote on a person to kill. The game ends when the wolves outnumber the villagers or the villagers kill all the wolves. Third parties have special victory conditions that usually boil down to being the last alive or assisting a specific side. Otherwise the days continue on until a conclusion is reached.

A few simple examples are:

Fortune Teller: Checks another player's class one a night. Receives Innocent for villagers, Guilty for wolves, and various for special depending on class in question.

Doctor: Protects a person from death for one night.

Rabid Wolf: Special class, would be a singular 'Wolf' separate from the main set with its own vote to kill at night. Wins alone.

Now while I would very much so love playing, I will be what amounts to a game master if the interest is there. I'd like at least seven people, which is the standard for a game of Werewolf, but will take literally as many as are interested. More people just makes it more fun, this I know from experience.

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