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This board software's thumbnailer will never support alpha channels.

It will never support them. Give up all hope of such things that are done everywhere else.

Last edited 12/04/08(Sun)00:36.

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File: 1333860141090.gif -(212.1 KiB, 150x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Testing if Weedy's recompile was successful....

Excellent. Now we have labels for animated stuff. I need to do some tweaks on that label text, though.

Last edited 12/04/08(Sun)00:42.

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Hey so I was banning spambots today and on the /loli/ board, the spam disappears when I log into control panel.

But it's still there when I log out. I can't actually get rid of that one; any reason behind that?

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Not sure. Did you try rebuild cache?

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I did not. Though that problem has since fixed itself anyway.

There's now a bug, however, in the board where occasionally every board becomes linked with one of the NSFW boards. They'll all read as Hentai/Alternative/etc.
I can't access anything without being on the management panel when this happens, and attempting to log in from say, /rp/, will usually land me on /h/ anyway.

The problem affects more than just mods, however. Other people have complained about this.

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I've had a snag as of late, I can't ban ANYTHING. Mari said single post bans work, but even that isn't working on my end. I keep getting the Internal Server Error message any time I try.

I was going to wait it out, but it's starting to become an issue. If I go 24 hours without checking /rpi/ or /de/, they get hit hard with spam bots. They seem to target specific threads so far, so I've locked them for now, but I woke up to find one of our threads on /rpi/ had at least 10 spambots on it that weren't there 8 hours ago.

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I really can't stress how important this is. Apparently the issue affects more than just me. Misaki and Liru have the same issue.

There was a CP dump on /b/ this morning that I could only delete, but that won't stop people from posting their CP dumps. Mari seems to be the only one not experiencing this.

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Hey, K. Anon, I got something that might interest you. When you go into the mod panel and look at the reports, clicking "View Post" next to one of the reported posts always reports that "this post doesn't exist (and may have just been deleted)". But, when I go look at the board the report originates from, the post IS there.

Last edited 12/10/13(Sat)00:35.

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