Global Rules

These rules apply to all boards. Some exceptions may apply for specific boards (see below).

  1. CP will get you permanently banned on the spot.
  2. Off-topic threads are not allowed. They will get deleted; repeat offences will result in a banning.
  3. Posting any of the following on any board except will get you banned: Troll posts, racism
  4. Posting of Guro and Scat in any other board but /b/ and /alt/ will result in a ban and instant deletion of material
  5. Any real life Guro images will be banned on the spot, no exception, at all, ever.
  6. Any image containing mutilation, dismemberment, exposed organs, or excessive wounds will result in the deletion of the offending image(s) and the ban of the offending user, in accordance with the ban on guro stipulated above. What is considered excessive bodily harm is subjective, but common sense should be exercised.
  7. Any image featuring fecal matter, whether of sexual context or not, will result in the deletion of the offending image and the ban of the offending user, in accordance with the ban on scat stipulated above.
  8. Any form of board/site invasion will get you banned.
  9. NSFW content is allowed on all boards.

Aurorachan Imageboards

  1. /a/ - General Anime/Manga imageboard and related topics.
  2. /gif/ - A general GIF animation board.
  3. /h/ - Hentai imageboard and related topics. Ecchi, yaoi, and futanari are all permitted here. No real porn, unless related (cosplay, etc).
  4. /loli/ - Lolicon imageboard and related topics. Not limited to Rozen Maiden. No off-topic posts.
  5. /b/ - Random posting. If it doesn't belong anywhere else, post it here.
  6. /rp/ - Role-play board.
  7. /v/ - Video Game imageboard and related topics. No off-topic posts.
  8. /w/ - Wallpaper board, duh.

Aurorachan Text Boards

  1. /sugg/ - If you would like to contribute ideas or have any problem concerning Aurorachan, post it here for further discussion. Banned users may post here in case of any complaints. However, if you continue your misbehaviour here, you will get banned from Aurorachan's entire server.
Last update: 26th of July 2009
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