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Welcome to Aurorachan! This is a thread all about our board, how to use it, and the format of our roleplay!

And welcome to /rpi/! This is a general information board about the RP that doesn't include actual RP threads. This means info threads, character lists, maps, or threads for organizations.

Feel free to make any threads you think are useful, but please try not to shitpost or add unnecessary reaction images :3

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At the top of any page or thread, you'll find a form like this.

Here is a screencap explaining what each part of the form will do. If you are on the front page of a board when you do this, you will make a new thread. If you are in a thread, you will make a reply.

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Just like ­this!­

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Yep, just like that. Now for replying to posts. You'll see in this picture that I've circled the number in the upper-right part of the post. By clicking on that number, it automatically gets placed in the body your reply. This is how you indicate to someone that you are replying to them.

I've done so in this post. You can also try clicking the >>7571 in my post, and you'll be automatically directed to the location of the post I was citing.

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I think I've got the hang of that one already!

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Fine, smarty pants. All you need to know then, is that you should always cite someone's latest post when you reply to them in a RP session.

On this board, RP generally takes place between two people at a time. Three- and even four-person sessions are possible-- however, the more people involved, the longer a RP session will take. For that reason, people tend to avoid getting into larger sessions when they can.

In my next post, I'll show you how to start a RP session.

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That doesn't sound so bad, but I'll take your word for it!

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Here is an example of a "fish post." You put Fish in the subject field because you're "fishing" for a reply, or in other words, starting a RP session.

A fish should always include a description of where your character is, and what they're doing. Notice that I put that description in italics.

Italics is for all out of character info: description, character actions, and OOC comments.

Only character speech should be written without formatting.

Bold represents your character's thoughts. Other characters cannot respond to bold unless they can read minds.

Last edited 13/01/10(Thu)14:40.

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So it's kind of like this...
Misaki responds curiously to the teacher person as she eagerly stares at the screen.
I hope I'm doing it right!

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You got it. Congratulations! You now know the basics of posting in a roleplay thread!

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But wait! What do I do in the event that there are more than two people in a session?

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Ah, yes. I almost forgot.

If your session is joined by another person, you will need to cite (>>7579) their posts in your reply as well.

  • In addition, you will need to wait until both other participants have posted once before making your next post.

This way, the order of posting stays the same in each "round" and keeps things from getting confusing.

Last edited 13/01/10(Thu)14:56.

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This is how a post at two people should look.
See how I cited both of our posts, onee-chan?

Last edited 13/01/10(Thu)14:57.

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Ooh! So we all have a Turn Order!

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Correct! The same principle will apply even if any number of people join the session: Stick to the turn order, and everything will be fine.

Well, I think that's about everything, so let's discuss how to end a RP session.

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(By the way, I'm leaving now! Bye!)

runs off

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I was just going to ask. How do I know when a session ends?

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Looks like it's just us now.

Anyway, naturally, a session is over if all the characters who were speaking to each other have parted ways-- but there are some situations where this isn't possible.

If the characters would technically stay together a little while longer, but all participants in the session decide to end things, we do what is called a fade.

  • Fade: Whoever chooses to make the final post in the session will make a summary post, explaining what will happen until the characters DO part ways. No further posts are required, and all the participants are free to post at other people later.

Last edited 13/01/10(Thu)15:32.

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And what happens if I have to leave suddenly while I'm posting?

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If only one participant in the session needs to leave, but the session's content is too important to skip over, we put it into a plotspace.

  • Plotspace: The session is paused until the next time all participants are available. To avoid confusion, none of the characters involved should generally be posted until the plotspace is resolved.

Last edited 13/01/10(Thu)15:39.

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So we can pause things any time we want! That's really good to know.

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Now then, did you have any more questions? Or shall we fade our tutorial here?

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I think that's all for now!

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