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You know the deal list your shit your characters want for being a good little shit and Santa and company may get it for you

  • Definition of good may vary.

Anyway make things out of or not. Im not your mom.

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File: 1514078628580.png -(2.3 MiB, 1018x1505) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm just going to go down the line.
Tatsumi - A scratching post so that he can keep all the cats at bay and not use his body for one.
Gintoki - Cash, and lots of it... So he can buy more sweets. He's fine with sweets too, of the unlimited kind... Also it's for food and booze.
Ainz - He's good, stay out of Nazarick. That's what he really wants.
Q - To spend more time with friends
Arararararagi - A gradschooler's uniform... It's not for him, really!
Shinobu - MORE BLONDE GIRLS! But for real she doesn't need anything. She has it good.
Miia - Magical clothing that stays warm at all times. A lamia can never have enough this time of year.
Oz - Just good friendship with Ceil and Alice.
All Might - Good will and peace among men... Monsters... People.
Satsuki - A new laptop would be nice, and some good insight for children's clothing... For reasons.
Gil - ... Lets face it he gets coal. Like he needs anything anyway.
Keima - Leave him the fuck alone, you come into his house and he's going to shoot you.
Ivy - Gifts she can hand out to other girls she meets so she can seduce- befriend them.
Goku - What's Christmas, can I eat it?
Luvia - Something that makes her happy, she isn't even sure anymore what it is.
Tohka - Bread... Just different types of bread.
Kumagawa - to make all women wear bikini tops and skinny jeans.
Diane - Extra large tunic

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File: 1514134473266.jpg -(419.6 KiB, 2047x874) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Asuka: Wishes for her family to stay healthy and not get into any troubles. Also for someone to STOP SENDING HER SCHOOL GIRL OUTFITS AND GANGURO STUFF

Natsuo: JCVD blu-ray boxset
Eda: Another barrel of rum and some gun cleaning stuff
Motoko: Some new hardware for her body
9S: A t-shirt for 2B

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File: 1514137100255.png -(706.6 KiB, 953x1310) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Shirley-A badass motorcycle
Olga-Free weights
Tsuyu-An All Might poster
Meg-A digital preorder for Dragon Ball Fighterz
D.Va-An Oculus Rift
Chun-Li-A new qipao
Revy-Jack Daniel's
Felicia-A collar for Seth
Pochaco-A treadmill
Ada-A new yoga mat
Lina-A padded bra
Camille-A nice beret
Yesy-For Andrea to be happy
Franziska-A day without Annice
Cass-A new comb
Joy-A fur coat
Fubuki-A new bone
Rachel-A Pokeball holdster
Zelda-A new tiara
Morgan-A body painting kit
Makoto-Tail shampoo

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File: 1514169458466.jpg -(45.1 KiB, 500x685) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Alex: Coordinates to a world the guild can hunt giant monsters on!

Alexis: THREE large black men~ The last ones got worn out, and I need more! Also, a note for Dark Pit. She'd left him alone for a good long while, and she wanted to make sure he knew free time was over.

Bren: Laura and Jenna to stop fighting, magical chocolates for Chara, a Minccino for his new friend Illya complete with basic guide to pokemon and instructions on where to take it should she not want it, a book of fun and useful basic magic for Nanaya, and a big bottle of extra good alcohol for Jace.

Bridgette: An even more unintelligible scribble than last time.

Chara: A fine tea set for Asriel, some monster candy for Bren, a book of protective magic for Nanaya, a bonsai for Frisk, and something nice for Jenna and Laura.

Richard: Proper crystals for these lightsabers, please.

Sans: words appeared on his letter from last year: sorry, forgot to ask for anything.

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File: 1514174141575.jpg -(831.5 KiB, 1000x1162) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Channeler: Some thing fun for all the girls in the gym and more challengers... and toys for her girls
Megan: A new computer to replace the one she got 10 years ago for Christmas...
Espie: Her trainer back
Anthony: Nothing he's too used to getting coal, but he's been a relatively good person for him so get him a book or one of those ironic coffee mugs.
Annete: A book she hasn't read yet, maybe on history of some strange world.
Nicole: an engagement ring or a gift she can give to Genis
Vanel: An easy way to tell Virgil the news
Jerry: A way to out troll Cheshire cats
Weil and Omega: Coal and lots of it.
Jasmine: More Friends
Mirage Master: A new mask his old one is looking rather worn.
Conny: To be determined
Chisame: Some new sewing equipment for her clothes or a new cosplay outfit, a cute one
Chelsea: Toys for her kids.
Red Ribbon: A new leader, Blue's getting tired of this shit,
Humans: More Monster Repellent
Ezo Red Fox: A Nintendo Switch of her own
Moose: Lion (She doesn't get how this works)
Team Rocket in general: Depending on how naughty or nice they were get them nothing or Christmas themed Hats.

Last edited 17/12/24(Sun)22:55.

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File: 1514331689325.png -(383.1 KiB, 600x898) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Genis - Anything to help him work best for his new family, or further his power.
Yuri - A Special new blade, maybe a bit of peace and quiet too.
Wave - Anything to aid his strength and magic training. Mostly just good times with friends, or a craft for going in the sea/space with of his own.
Gio - Perhaps a feed to watch Italian football, or chocolate, can't go wrong with that.
Youmu - More friends like herself and for those she has to enjoy themselves....and her Sneasel to keep being good. She has found fun in reading about high frequency blades..
Sakuya - A new set of silver knives and perfume, to keep up with her image.
Meiling - To keep furthering her strength and learn new styles...and more friends with such interests in mind she can be open with.
Misty/Hilbert - These two are mostly the same, more interest in pokemon, and fun times.
Ammy - For Hilbert's wishes mainly, but also that her friends would be ok, especially Conny whom she hasn't heard from in a while.
Mao - For a book on natural drinks that can be made she can work and adapt from.
Jotaro - Continued peace to work on the space station, an exhibition to another earthlike where he can study the marine ecosystem.
Josuke - An ultra powerful PC of his own with cutting edge VR and a Motorbike, or a Bugatti Veyron.
Lux - Continued fun lewd times with friends, more control over her "new" powers and prosperity in the town.
Franklin - For Vergil to never drive drunk with him again, besides that, high quality green, actual spending green and fun girls.
Fou-lu: Is mostly content and just wants peace, and his friends to be ok.

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