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Ok, so I'm sure a lot of people are wondering just what kind of soldiers these guys are, and what they're capable of. Well, I'm here to help lower confusion.

AGAIN, If anyone of you have any questions concerning this, contact ME, PH, TIMON, OR TOKI.

Ok, anyway. Here is the basic story. All clones are based from the original, the "Base" known as John. His backstory, and past records, are taken from a dead man who fit the specifications required for a good soldier mold, and his body was created around this principle. He is what all clones are based from. They share his mentality, and his experiences, aside from those that have been programed to operate other affairs, which will be explained. John is not among the standard infantry, in case the Original is needed for more clones. Every clone aboard all colonies are linked in a hivemind to super computer aboard the Moscow, which access is restricted to the creators, William Birkin, and Ceceillia. The Command in which the clones respond to is the force that are most attuned with the Computer. They are the eyes of the colony, and when they want a Replica to see something, it is sent to either just one, or his squad, or all available Replicas in the area. The computer is also fitted with an emergency shut down sequence, in case of any backfiring in the system. As a result, no Replicas, not even "Command" is allowed near the computer.

Now, this next part is for the varieties of Replica that are aboard the Colonies. The stronger of the groups are ONLY sent out in emergencies, and are quickly brought back in once the job is done.

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In lights of >>6435 , Tony Stark, and Kokonoe have indeed taken all Replica Soldiers still alive after the arrival to Aurora, and have completely rebuilt them. As such, the Replicas are faster, stronger, more intelligent, and are outfitted with upgraded and more potent technology Each soldier is linked to Command, Tony Stark himself, and a large database within Kokonoe's laboratory, meaning that even if Tony's armor goes cold, the Replicas will continue to function. Their numbers will also begin to increase Hundred-fold as the coming months come, each one holding onto the same upgrades, one such being a complete immunity to electricity, or EMP.

As such, the classes have, once again, been changed around, as well as appearances, and equipment. I'll go forth now, and explain everything that has changed in the form of Replica classes.

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File: 1345740550738.jpg -(691.7 KiB, 1280x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The Infantry have been upgraded in almost every way. Instead of having the lowest condition of armor and weapons, they tote heavy resistant blast armor that protects from almost any type of damaging blow, whether it be slashing, bullet, electrical, or puncturing, the armor will protect them from it. Their weapons, no longer bound to using non-ballistic weapons, have been replaced with Plasma weaponry, increasing their lethality level. Each soldier also comes equipped with a Nanite Suppressant, used to inject itself into the assailant, and render them docile. The more power the subject asserts, the more power the suppressants administer. Replica Infantry remains the number one rapid-response combat and security team.

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File: 1345741903877.jpg -(421.0 KiB, 994x894) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Scouts serve multiple purposes in Aurora's working system. They mostly serve as scouting parties, venturing out into the world in look of expanding Aurora's encampment. They carry Field armor, that protects them from the harsh outdoor elements as well as the creatures that may be outside the safe zone. They are the patrolmen of the roads and pathways connecting Elven settlements to Aurora. They also come equipped with much the same equipment as the Infantry, however most of it has been adapted for extended forest environment use. Since these soldiers have been taken and spliced together with the Assassin Replicas, these Soldiers now use much the same abilities as an Assassin would, meaning increased muscle mass, and the ability to render themselves invisible..

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File: 1345742250430.jpg -(594.4 KiB, 1280x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Heavies are the the thickest shelled soldiers on the line. Their armor is of the strongest material on the Replica fleet. They have, on average, the ability to lift 2 times their own weight, and when they're not being used for combat, they have parts to play in the construction effort around Aurora. They carry large repeating Plasma rifles, and carry shields constructed of the same metal that went into their armor. They are also used to quail riots, and other such disturbances.

Last edited 12/08/23(Thu)13:17.

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File: 1345742898618.jpg -(48.4 KiB, 700x393) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Much like the Heavies, Mechs have undergone a massive improvement to serve both on duty and off. When not used in combat, they are operated by specially trained units to help provide extra muscle to Mining and Construction efforts. They, at this time, are outfitted with powerful diamond tipped drills, and other mining equipment for underground expeditions, and grapples and hooks for Construction. However, in combat, such things are replaced with powerful Plasma railguns, as well as guided rockets that are built to subdue even the strongest of threats.

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File: 1345743548951.jpg -(406.1 KiB, 975x773) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hybrids are the mix of Heavy and Infantry, combining the more powerful armor with the speed of a standard infantry. However, the armor will not be as powerful as a Heavy, it still can withstand much more punishment than standard gear, which is saying a great deal, since Infantry armor is still top-of-the-line. Hybrids are strong and smart, using advanced combat techniques to get an upper hand on the opponent, as well as using their highly tuned weaponry to deliver devastating results. They are usually guards for places such as Town Hall, or areas like the Prison, or Med wing.

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File: 1345744443471.jpg -(252.8 KiB, 500x930) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Elites are the most cunning, and most fearsome of the forces. The agility and intelligence of an Infantry, with the power and defenses of a Phase Caster Commander. Unlike other soldiers that use devices that allow them to warp short distances, Elites now can use the Phasing ability to appear anywhere instantaneously. While they can no longer spawn other soldiers, their shields have been supercharged, so now, even if the shields break, they can recharge once more to full power, and their Plasma weaponry has been treated in the same fashion, charged to provide even stronger blasts. Elites keep their accelerated metabolism from before the change, however it being improved. Now Elites rarely tire, and their wounds heal at incredible speeds. Their reflexes have tripled, making them sharper, and harder to hit. Elites are the strongest of the Replica Army, and by far the most Feared.

Last edited 12/08/23(Thu)13:54.

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Hello everyone, here I am again with another thread to help people out.

I've been spending my time reviewing a lot of the threads on aurorachan, and I've decided to try reorganizing all of the helpful stuff that's been lost from a while back on /de/ and /rp/. I really appreciate the help I've had in finding these.

To start with, It's now my job to help new and old people alike with this new thread to introduce rp.

Instead of making it as big as the old thread, I'm going to make it smaller, and much simpler so people don't get scared or intimidated by extremely long explanations.

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Okay, let's start with the introductions and basics.

This is an imageboard, where the players use images in conjunction with text to roleplay. The characters people play are just characters. The suggested way to properly adjust to this rp setting is to find a character you like from your favorite media, or simply make an OC. The former works better because it's easy to make a bad first impression if your OC is too over the top.
When you know who you want to use, look on the character thread to see if that character is already in use. If it is, you can ask the player if they're willing to drop it if not you'll have to find another one. Once you do, be sure to make your claim!

Before you begin posting though, you should make yourself familiar with the map thread which will usually contain a map that is updated periodically; use this to memorize the main locations and to figure out where you want to intro your character.

Once you're ready, make a post with the words "Intro Fish" in the subject field on the current rp thread, and wait for someone to respond.
To narrate actions, use a total of two asterisks (one at each end) around your text, this will make the text italic like this. To portray your character's throughts, use a total of four (two at each end) this will make it bold like this.
Also, italics can be used to communicate with each other sometimes.

>> No.4310   [Delete]   [Edit]

Tips on Development:

Okay, now it's time for development, I'm using what I read last thread, but I changed it up a little. This example is for some characters, but not all of them, so please be sure to give it some thought when introing and using your character.

1. This is a setting where characters are seemingly dragged in from all dimensions and timelines. It is important to remember this at all times, because characters will not know how they got here or why. This means your characters will be asking more questions than usual; this is a chance to get to know their surroundings and figure out what their next step is. But the questions or general reactions should vary based on how you perceive your own character's emotions and how they'd react to such situations.

2: After your character figures out what to do next, this is where relationships are important. Friends, acquaintances, general contacts; these are essential to keep your character on the path to properly adjusting. If a stranger helps your character out, this is your chance to befriend them and form a relationship with them.
Remember that since your character is no longer in their own world, they have no choice but to make new friends in order to survive.

3: Your character's resources, in most cases, are not unlimited. Money does not grow on trees, even in this setting. Your characters will need to find shelter and get a job if they can; ranging from an NPC job, or starting a small business depending on what your character would most likely do. Just remember not to make things too easy.

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Fishing and Replies

It's time for fishes and replies, this one is a little shorter than the others.

1. One thing that seems to be a common problem is fishing. I've seen many comments about this topic; so the first thing I'd like to point out is that this board is a place for people to roleplay and have fun. So before you post one of your own, check to see if anyone else has one too. Everyone deserves an equal chance to enjoy themselves, so try to answer the first ones out there if you can!

2. Multifish apparently seem to get ignored, although this won't always be the case. Just be sure to try and list a few details and general locations for every character. "Refishing" happens if you finish a session and want to do another with the same character, or if your fish simply goes unanswered. Be sure to check if there are other fish out before you do, though. Just because your fish goes unanswered doesn't mean you can't still answer another.

3: Replying to fish is a simple matter. Most of the time, you'll most likely see simple fish, but you should always put as much effort as you can. Sometimes people just don't know what to do, but effort is always more than appreciated.
I've also noticed, and discussed with some people, that a proper response should only contain one or two topics. It's very difficult to follow a session when there are five to ten different things happening at once, and it makes the session look and feel extremely unrealistic. So try to keep dialogue as simple as you can.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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This was also discussed in /de/ so I'm putting it here too.

Retcons should not be abused. This happens when two or more players reach an undesirable outcome and decide to erase the event as if it had never happened.

Retcons can also make stories and plots confusing and hard to follow. It creates inconsistencies and misunderstandings because the players involved are not always on the same page with their audience. This is a lack of organization, and if a retcon should take place, it is important to make sure everyone knows.

However, you should never try to retcon something just because you personally don't like what happened. Proper development can't be acheived without both good and bad experiences, and some unexpected outcomes can lead to good things.
An example that was listed on /de/ would be if your character is killed as a result of a consequence that you were not aware of.

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