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File: 1569127434216.png -(477.3 KiB, 845x1020) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

"Hah. The time I finally open to you of all people... That will never happen."
She's absolutely confident about this.

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File: 1569127529134.png -(952.0 KiB, 1050x1260) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You unfortunately don't have a say in it~

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File: 1569127629834.jpg -(128.7 KiB, 750x1051) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Exactly, and I'm going to lock the doors too so none of us does something stupid like go streaking in the street or something.... we have to be extra careful.

But if this does work out well, just think of the ratings?

Especially if some of these things work like they should...
She looked at one labeled cat
Like adorable catgirl antics.... maybe I should get a ball of string for effect?

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File: 1569127901216.jpg -(41.5 KiB, 320x339) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The weird leaps of logic you go through sometimes...
Setsuna sighs.

Well, I guess the ratings would be nice...

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File: 1569128480000.jpg -(75.4 KiB, 466x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Indeed at this point she really is acting more like an animal if anything nuzzling, licking, kissing, and grinding against him even as he furiously and rapidly rammed her against the side over and over like a jackhammer of lewd as more and more climaxes drowned out her mind and higher functions, the eager little beast girl yowling and growling and even sometimes giving off little screams and cries of pleasure from her mouth as her paws braced against the side of the tub.

Indeed after a few minutes it was mostly her body doing it now, her mind lost in a happy place called the land of orgasms, where endless pleasure rains down like a torrent of pleasure, her eager sex practically trying to devour his cock's lovely seed through climax after climax, and while her insides seemed to have endless stamina her outside clearly didn't as well, her rocking and rolling and everything else growing slightly weaker and weaker, even as the spirit energy within her climbed with each dose, the spirit was willing but the floof was weak as it were, still her sex was relentless if anything and even as muscles and nerves failed another dose of spirit kept her going her body trying her best to become a perpetual fucking machine.... but eventually as he reached his limit she seemed to reach one of her own as well, subconciously or perhaps to protect him... or herself.... but as he finally erupted with a final blast, flooding her deepest core with a massive surge of seed and spirit energy she too seemed to give off one massive explosion of pleasure as well, almost as if her body had decided that such effort deserved an equal return... the laws of action and reaction hitting in place as her own massive orgasm hit, hitting her like a full body one, every nerve, every cell, every part of her being from her core of her womb to the tip of her lovely tails suddenly surging in energy and pleasure as she fired off as one, the poor fox going boom in an explosion that even Lupul could likely feel the psychic backlash of... until she too seemed to almost pass out, stars in her eyes as her body continued to shutter in the aftershocks of the orgasmic A bomb that went off, the fox gently wrapping her tails around him as she rested there completely filled to the brim.

And at last possibly hours later she'd open her eyes again.... blinking idly

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File: 1569128656124.png -(255.8 KiB, 600x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

"Are you going to force me to admire you? Or you'll be using a charm like other monsters?"

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File: 1569128816285.png -(952.0 KiB, 1050x1260) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Didn't I tell you earlier?
It's okay if you forgot already, it just makes things easier~

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File: 1569128950329.png -(255.8 KiB, 600x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

"I'm being rhetorical. I know you'll eventually do one of the two."
Unamused angel is unamused, crossed arms and all.

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File: 1569129247081.png -(173.8 KiB, 613x875) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Well, regardless, you'll be happy at least~

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File: 1569129249190.jpg -(30.9 KiB, 313x504) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

And it might even be something different than just our usual fare, either way I'm giving you first choice of what you want to do...
Isn't that nice of her.... unusually nice

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File: 1569129436154.png -(255.8 KiB, 600x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

"So you claim. I'm just a toy for you anyway... A clone to play around with, wasn't it?"

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File: 1569130476840.png -(952.0 KiB, 1050x1260) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

My my~
If it's not trying everything to smear me as some all controlling evil god, it's bringing yourself down~
You should really try to focus on better things in life~

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File: 1569130575168.png -(88.9 KiB, 626x713) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

"I'm simply stating the truth of the matter. You cloned me to have the original observe? So you could... Ready me up for some sort of degenerate husband? I haven't forgotten these things."

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File: 1569131030461.png -(952.0 KiB, 1050x1260) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Really? You must be remembering well, because I remember having a talk with you last time on being better than your original, and on choosing a different path than she did.
You do want to be better than her, right?

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File: 1569131116963.png -(1.2 MiB, 1158x1638) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

"I already am better than her. No need for a partner. Hmph. That is the absolute least of my concerns."

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File: 1569131887008.jpg -(199.7 KiB, 451x595) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It was a few moments before Lupul managed to blink away the stars that had flared in his vision, the psychic backlash of Megan's energy almost knocking him out of his body for a bit. he weakly started to move, but found that his body was still loathe to relinquish its almost reflexive hold on Megan's smaller form. He managed to pick her up again, although in his current state she felt significantly heavier, and that wasn't just because of all the liquid he'd just pumped into her. He takes a deep breath, then falls backward into the water. Fur required a lot more care than skin, and he definitely knew that neither the lathered soap, nor the bodily fluids would do well to stick to Megan. So he knew that before they went anywhere, he needed to rinse her off. Of course, he was in no condition to do a full workup, and he wasn't exactly sure when Megan's facilities would return, so he settled for just falling back into the water, letting them both submerge for a second and hoping the magical pool did its job of scouring them both of the various fluids on them. Even through the water he spoke the password, though it was muffled and bubbly. Lupul, holding Megan on top of him, and a not insignificant amount of water fell through the portal onto the bed below.
Blind... Eternities...
He said, having expended what little energy he had left, and just lay there with the little floof on top of him.
That's fucking intense...
He said to no one in particular, staring up at his now sodden bed canopy.
Towels... I need towels.
He sent out a psychic request to just about any of his servants that were near. They were definitely going to need towels.

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File: 1569134195495.jpg -(89.5 KiB, 800x533) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Yes well for awhile it was clear that Megan wasn't home right now though she did blink and make a few soft sounds when he washed her, for now it was clear she was content with simply being scrubbed like the wet fox she was.... at least with all the soaps and rinses she didn't give off the smell of wet dog from her fur and though it was clear she wasn't going to part from him very easily, at least her small size made her relatively quick to clean.
And then they were teleported to the bed the floof landing in a puddle along with him as she thumbed hard with a small wet pomf
Yes they're definitely going to need towels, and maybe a hair dryer.... maybe

She'd open her eyes and look at him a moment clearly recognizing him but having trouble saying something, for now just waiting for those towels... while snuggling up against him, seems she's pretty happy.


She wrapped those tails more and more around him, giving off a bit of body heat and maybe a bit of fire magic to try and instinctive dry herself, after all wet fur isn't fun to deal with.
I feel so full..

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File: 1569210737995.jpg -(67.3 KiB, 737x412) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

He idly rubs her back, holding the little floof close to his chest even as they were still connected at the hip. She'd be rising and falling with each breath as Leechy attempts to catch his composure. He hugs her a bit more snugly as her fire magic starts to make quick work of the water.
And here I thought you couldn't get any more comfortable, heheheh... You're like a sexy hot water bottle.
He says playfully, still idly petting her even as the water magically steams off. Leechy always appreciated warmth, his cold blooded nature drawn to it like a moth to flame.

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File: 1569211793320.png -(426.6 KiB, 707x639) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

She smiled as she pressed her face up against his chest, pressing her breasts and body against him as she continued to try and heat dry them both her voice too tried from all the moaning to make much of a sound at the moment....
Thanks you were amazing, I feel.... funny all over... but it's amazing....
Indeed it's clear all her instincts were happy as could be at this point.

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File: 1569212386236.jpg -(69.8 KiB, 570x764) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm just glad you're so satiated, my dear.
He says with a sly grin, knowing just how good it felt to have the overwhelming lust slaked for a short while.
Heheh, that expression certainly seems like a happy one~

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File: 1569212749297.jpg -(150.6 KiB, 774x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Well you bred me good.... and I don't know if I've ever been so content...
Well outside of the times she was ravaged by tentacles but Lupul could do that just as well, really for her it felt like she too had finally had some of that unending desire in herself to finally feel sated.
She nodded pertly her fluff slowly floofing out as she dried leaving her soft fur pressing and caressing him.... as she rested herself in his lap, her insides still quite happily wrapped around another part of him, though not as tightly as before....
I lasted longer this time
She did good for a fuzzy cock holder
I can assume you had fun too

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File: 1569217364544.jpg -(109.2 KiB, 566x612) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Oh I most definitely did, my dear.
He says with a chuckle.
A testament to just how good you feel... I'd say I have half a mind to just stay together like this all day, but I'm afraid I may not have much of a choice in the matter with that vice grip you've got me in...
He says, looking down considering her body still refused to let him go despite being significantly softer.
...Not that I'm complaining. I can certainly think of worse predicaments to be in than being stuck together with a sexy little fluff ball like you, heheheh.

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File: 1569218139853.jpg -(90.4 KiB, 800x533) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm glad, I'm so very glad and happy.
She practically was beaming, if not glowing, then again she likely had taken in enough spirit energy that she was a fuzzy little lightbulb right now.
My pussy seems to really like you...
She finally said blushing hard through her fuzz, her voice sounding soft and cute, sounding almost a little embarassed about how lewd and eager her body was.
And I'm happy I felt as good as ever for you.... you know I aim to please
At least I'm lightweight.
She said with a soft giggle.
And I agree.... there's few better that I could be stuck on...

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File: 1569218440201.jpg -(140.5 KiB, 511x788) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

He laughs again.
Please, my dear. I'd enjoy the feeling of you on top of me even if you were as heavy as Matsuri.
Megan would get a psionic image of the big cat girl with the thick thighs and giant tits.
He says as he reaches up to put his hands around her thighs.
I'm glad to hear your pussy likes me as much as I like it, heheheheh~
He gives her a few bucks, if only to churn around inside and stimulate her post-orgasmic sensitivity.
Hmmm, it really is amazing...

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File: 1569219614195.jpg -(75.4 KiB, 466x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Nice to see I'm in good company....
She'd blush at the image of the huge cat, it's clear she approves as well.
She'd feel those hands before she felt him suddenly buck back into her again, her eager cum filled pussy and womb shuddering in delight from the sensation, her post orgamisic sensitivity clearly NOT having worn off from the expressions on her face!
It really IS
She answered back psychically considering at this point she was too busy trying not to break her voice again from the feeling*
I love this feeling of being filled like this.
But all good things will have to come to an end eventually
But I suppose I'll have to get off you eventually
She giggled to herself.
So fuzzy and happy...
She'd mutter as she faded back into a rosy afterglow

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File: 1569342437367.jpg -(102.1 KiB, 863x711) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ayumi was outside of Aurora, camped out in an open field. Her Eevee was resting, curled up on a bunch of sheets.

Jeez... Eve, you've been acting funny for a while now.
The Pokemon center said she was Fine too. I wonder what it could be.
Kneeling down to pet her Eevee, she sighed. She had brought it out there for fresh air to see if it changed anything.

Alternatively: Dark Pit's in the arcade, Rita's being a caffeine addict, and Ciri can be hanging out around Hyrule or the woods.
Normal Pit is also an option, and she likes to hang around public baths. Maybe you catch her going in, coming out, or indulging. THE PITS LIKE HOT SPRINGS.
I'm open to requests.

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File: 1569466151597.jpg -(188.1 KiB, 1980x2595) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

MEANWHILE in the scan room, fluff!Calc was busy with her recently self-appointed position of fluff seeker. While she didn't like to share, and was, at least according to herself, all the fluff the king could possibly ever need, she figured if his appetite for tails really was that endless, then she should at the very least make sure he gets nothing but the finest specimens. She couldn't risk having her beloved leech hanging around unsavory individuals or, god forbid, touch tails that were anything less than perfection in every regard.
With her hand gently resting on her swollen belly from the bun in her oven, she calls out to the king.
Lupul? How do you feel about feathers?

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File: 1569467417248.jpg -(185.7 KiB, 514x622) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

And then there was the Leech King slumped in one of the chairs, watching the scan go by on the holographic displays in front of him. Or at least, he pretended to while not-so-subtly watching Calc bounce around the room in her altered form. He'd come to quite enjoy the new body, and now that her pregnancy was starting to show, he'd been even more into her than ever before.
...You know, I don't think I've ever had the pleasure of knowing anyone with a prominent amount of feathers...

Wait does Zan have feathers? I think goose is just the name...

...You know the aether scanner is not a harem-expander, right?
It's supposed to identify unique individuals who might be useful to recruit into the Kingdom.
Of course, Lupul says this with full knowledge that the scanning protocols included fluffy tails as a measure for unique and useful.

>> No.2030208   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1569469083235.jpg -(339.4 KiB, 2338x2643) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Oh? What about those angels with the silky wings? They must count for something, right?
She suggests, glancing over her shoulder at the slumped leech, cocking her head curiously.

And I know, but the fluff factor has been set to the highest priority on the scanner... Even before I got here. So whose fault is that, huh~?
She remarks with a teasing swish of her own fluffy tail, as if it were some sort of proof.

Meanwhile, on the screen, the feed would display a certainly ripe-looking avian woman, in a shirt some sizes too small for her own endowment, just sitting at a cafe with her bubble tea halfway sunk into her cleavage, as the trend goes.

>> No.2030209   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1569469729992.jpg -(109.2 KiB, 566x612) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

He sits up in an attempt at waving his hand innocently in a completely unconvincing manner.
Hey hey. You know me, I don't have a mind for all this artifice, heh.
Must have been Wheatley... or Monarch.
He says, convincing no one. Not even himself. His eyes move from Calcium to the screen.
...Well that's certainly more feathery than any angel...
He shakes his head, as if to clear a host of new fantasies that popped into his head about the avian on the screen.
Ahem, besides.

Even I know we can't just kidnap girls from their own reality. That's certainly no way to make friends. Usually the scanners find when they're in... predicaments.
Calcium would at least know "predicaments" was a nice way of saying characters that were otherwise doomed to death or worse. Plucking souls from their reality was essentially kidnapping, so Leechy had insisted that they do not pluck souls unless it meant saving them from a terrible fate. Second chances were the name of the game, which was why there was a grumpy lioness on the screen before Calcium had come in to take over the scanning...

That one seems to be having a peaceful morning coffee...
...I just jinxed it, didn't I?
Monarch's tech was rarely wrong, and if the avian girl was displayed, then something was shortly about to happen that qualified as a "predicament"

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File: 1569472951222.jpg -(1.1 MiB, 1999x1959) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

She lets out simply, followed by her trademark mono-eye blink.
Who said anything about kidnapping them? Maybe they'd like a visit from a friendly stranger is all. Maybe all they need to be saved from is their boring life?
Indeed, the mundane would certainly seem like a predicament to some people.

You might just have. Let's see...
As the fiery stack of flesh and feathers kept on sipping away, she was suddenly held at knifepoint by a brute across the table aiming to mug her.

"Your wallet, now!" He'd bark at her, rushing her to surrender her money before the handful of other customers had the chance to take too much of a good look at him.
Uh oh.
Calc's hand moved closer to the buttons and switches, ready to intervene, until a violent crunch resounded through the speakers. In a single, lightning-fast motion, the drinker of iced coffee had launched her foot straight up from under the table, throwing an upward kick so sudden that it sent the whole thing flying right at the man's face, before being split in half by her heel which then immediately hit him square on the chin, likely shattering several teeth in the process.
As the robber collapsed onto the floor, unconscious and bleeding, the bird calmly stood up and began to pick up her things. While customers stood still in shock and bewilderment, the manager quickly rushed in to investigate, and wonder just what the hell had happened, before rapidly alternating between asking if she was alright, and barking at some employee behind the counter to call the cops. Waving her hand, she'd simply ask for some paper towels, for the hybrid mess of blood and coffee splattered across the floor.

... Well, it seems like she isn't going to need our help after all.

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File: 1569474331751.jpg -(133.7 KiB, 887x573) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Leechy winces at the impact of the avian's heel crunching her assailant's jaw.
Blind Eternities... that sounded like bone...
He did not, however, find the act gruesome enough to avert his gaze.
Damn those are some powerful legs... ahem.
He tucks his robe about himself to disguise how aroused he was at the violent sight.
...I think the last time I saw an avian hit someone that hard was one of those pocket monster street fights.
Blaziken was quite the show as far as avian martial skill.

Still, I suppose you're right. I mean the machine's showing her for a reason. I guess they can't all be damsels in distress, no?
He says with a laugh.
I guess the machine just chooses those who would find more fulfillment in a bigger cosmos instead of being cooped up in one reality...
He pauses, then shrugs.
Or at least, something to that effect. I can't really pretend to know how all of it works. Serves that guy right, though. He was a shit fighter and a shit person. Deserved every bit of that shattered jaw.
And the underwear flash was much appreciated, heheheh...

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File: 1569475923319.jpg -(171.9 KiB, 1326x1698) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Calc didn't seem bothered either, mostly because she was never made out of flesh and bone to begin with, until very recently that is.
She thinks over for a moment, while possibly or possibly not taking notice of the king's questionable arousal.
You might be on to something, actually. Perhaps the scanner deems that she could be an useful asset to the kingdom in some way? She certainly seems like she might fit the bill both in terms of utility and... Looks.

Walking over to the king, the ripe, heavy fox casually plops her fat rump down onto his lap, and drums her fingers along his armrest.
Of course, she wouldn't meet those criteria to the same extent I do, but... She could probably be useful to our cause, somehow. Perhaps for security, entertainment, or otherwise.
She remarks somewhat arrogantly and jealously, tolerating the thought of adding more women to the castle to compete for the king's attention, so long as she remained his favorite, always.
What should we do, Lupul?

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File: 1569476723400.jpg -(67.3 KiB, 737x412) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Lupul looks curiously at Calc as she approaches, followed by a surprised groan as she plops down on his lap. It was certainly a snug fit, and noticed or not, his arousal would be very apparent as it prods into Calc's soft fur.
He lets out a pleasured groan.
...Honestly there's only one thing I can think of doing while you're on top of me like this, heh...
It was certainly true enough, what with Leechy's brainpower being hijacked by the big blue fluff pressed against him.
I daresay I'd be hard pressed to ever find anyone as qualified as you, Calcium... but we do need someone to cover for you since, well...
He pats her stomach.
You'll soon be very occupied, and we shouldn't want you being distracted because something didn't get done. That really wouldn't do, you know.

So maybe it is best to get a backup to sort of handle things while, heh, we make ample use of your upgrades~

>> No.2030214   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1569478924752.jpg -(7.1 MiB, 2731x4096) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hmm, I suppose you have a point.
She concedes, idly bouncing in her seat to make herself comfortable and further press his arousal into her thick, plush behind.
It'd be a bad idea to go running headfirst into danger, now that I have to watch over the both of us...
As he brings his hand over occupied stomach, she brings her own hand on top of his, and gently keeps it in place in the soft fuzz of her cream-colored ventre.

She pauses briefly, letting out a small sigh, and coos happily in her perverted king's reassuring grasp.
You know, I didn't expect to be enjoying this nearly as much as I am. I was so worried about being unable to work, or tend to my duties, I saw myself as just a clumsier version of my old self. Granted, this body isn't nearly as efficient or nimble as my other one, but it more than makes up for it in warmth, comfort, and some of the perks of being truly organic. Of which we're benefiting right now in fact, hehe~

>> No.2030215   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1569479436945.jpg -(85.5 KiB, 479x420) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

He turns his hand and interlocks his fingers with hers, his breath coming a little heavier as she bounces her ample, fluffy behind on his erection, already at peak arousal thanks to her movement enveloping him in warm fluffy affection.
Please, my dear Calcium. Your duties were never my favorite thing about you. I guess you always just seemed to need a purpose, and I tried giving you one.
He smiles wide up at her.
Now, I'm happy that I can give you a new purpose~
...also you weren't kidding the new body was made for it.
I'm a little self conscious that you can get me to cum that fast... Sheesh, you really did target all of my weaknesses...
He gives a flat look, blinking a few times as the memories of just how good Calcium felt came back to him. For it was true enough, for all of Calcium's hard work, it seemed she'd cracked the code to ensure Lupul could not mentally resist her. Even if he tried to hold back, it didn't work and his mental fortitude crumbled under her affectionate assaults.
...Ahem. Heh, not that I'm complaining. I think after that first night there was no way you wouldn't end up pregnant. I quite literally could not feel my legs after that.

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File: 1569481215575.jpg -(267.1 KiB, 2585x2069) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

As he squirmed under her, Calc opted to turn around, holding his hand still as she pivoted in order to sit face to face with him. Now with her swollen chest-pillows pooling against him, and her heavy stomach resting with the heft of what had to be, given how early it was, twins at the very least, she practically pinned the king down into his chair under the sheer mass of fluff and flesh she had engineered for herself.
Ever since you've given me a home, and a purpose, I've done everything in my power to please you, Lupul. That hasn't changed. What did change, however, is that I've gotten much better at it over the years~
Punctuating her sentence with a small kiss right onto his lips, she then began to undo his robes under herself, from the shoulders down.
That's okay, it's not about how fast we get there, it's about how many times we can keep getting there, without you needing a break. That's surprisingly exacting science, you know?
Nodding to herself, she explains further, as she keeps uncovering her king, shifting her ample weight on one side then on the other to allow his garments to be slipped off him.
Do I want to take my time, or take a more direct approach? Should I tease you, or be straight to the point? Should I act dominant, or submissive? Those are the kinds of questions I often ask myself, all for the sake of better pleasing you, Lupul.

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File: 1569482837477.jpg -(69.8 KiB, 570x764) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Any rebuttal Lupul would be able to muster would come muffled as Calcium silences him with a kiss. He returns it, moving to allow for easier access since his robe was almost by design easy to slip off of his frame.
An exact science?
He looks up at her after their kiss breaks, his eyebrows furrowed quizzically.
Hmmm, I'm not sure how to take being simplified to a physics equation.
He says tauntingly, but showing good humor. He knew what she meant, and wasn't about to get offended.
So you have me solved like a lock, have you? Three to the left, two to the right, apply firm pressure and bite the neck?
I suppose I should start acting more unpredictable, hmm? Throw some variables into that equation you seem so confident to have down pat. I'll show you that no matter how many times, you can't solve for Lupul!
He boasts, grinning widely up at Calcium in defiance.

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File: 1569637237763.png -(48.8 KiB, 648x325) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ahh, I suppose you do, heheh.
Lupul takes a deep breath before turning to the side, slipping out of her but still hugging her close to himself like a small pillow.
As much as I'd love to just stay inside of you for the next... forever, you're right.
He'd give her an affectionate little squeeze.
Very fuzzy, heheh. You're quite soft, you know.
He pauses, then shakes his head a bit.
Let me know if you want to change back. You know I can do it anytime, though I'm certain you'll want to, hmm, explore this body a bit more~

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File: 1569638946420.jpg -(74.1 KiB, 466x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You know me, I love fluff and tails almost as much as you do.
Though she doesn't have a fluff sensor.
Mmmm ooooooooooooooooohh..
She'd moan as she felt him slide out of her feeling her stuffed pussy finally pull free with a small pop as she reached down and stroked a bit.
Mmmm.... was a good time, but no it wouldn't be fair for all the others who deserve a good time with you....
She'd smile there as she squeezed her, feeling like a soft stuffed animal right about now, her fur almost plush like.
I know, it's a nice feeling, I guess I should try this form out for a little while around here....
Maybe if I get good enough I can borrow it sometimes, would be a fun way to surprise Molly
The Green cat will never know peace
Mmm yes....
I'd love to explore this body a bit more, it's a new look and a new feeling, makes me feel almost wild and loose.... plus now I definitely don't need any clothes....
Though I wonder maybe a more busty version of this form sometime could be in order.... mmm maybe some other time.
She'd lean up and kiss him.
I did enjoy this though and if you want another round later before I change back we can make it work....
Though this form would have trouble at the fluff booth
Cause fur can't really get wet and that's a wet job.
But all in all I like it.... really I like being a guinea pig in general... it's fun with the unpredictability.

Fluff seeker, clearly Megan needs to visit her one day and talk about how to be a better fluff tease towards Lupul.

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File: 1569639468530.jpg -(67.3 KiB, 737x412) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Lupul takes a sharp breath as her fluffy paws wrap around his length, now free of her silken folds. Clearly Megan wasn't the only one who's post-orgasmic sensitivity was still around.
A-Ahh, easy there, heheh...
Well, you're free to use the form as long as you want. You know I'll always be willing to change you one way or the other.
He pauses
And there's always new forms rolling around my head that I'm interested in seeing how they turn out~
He says tantalizingly, for it was true enough. There was never any shortage of visages he was looking to test out... both evolutionarily and intimately.
Though bustier form... now there's something to think about...
Because big boobs was always something The Leech King could get behind. And like the world's worst/best plastic surgeon, there was no form he didn't think could be improved by bigger boobs and curvier hips.
You're right, though. Heh, wouldn't want the tail booth to suffer, though I rather think it has enough employees to cover while you're away trying new things, no?
...'Cause if there's a shortage you know I don't mind pulling extra shifts, heheheheh...

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File: 1569642016145.png -(426.6 KiB, 707x639) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

She'd smile as those fluffy paws went and slowly caressed and teased.
Heh, well if I ever needed to switch there are ways.
She smiled softly
New forms....
Her tails waved behind her, clearly the floof was enticed by that thought.
Well you know where to find me, I think I will be sticking around here for awhile at least, so if you get any fun ideas....
She smiled and pressed a little lower down slowly teasing and caressing.
And yes bustier might be fun...
She smiled before nudging again.
And yes maybe you can take over for me for awhile....

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File: 1569642690401.jpg -(85.5 KiB, 479x420) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Lupul gives out a groan, the sensitive nature of her tender caresses drawing most of his focus even as his length returns to its erect state under her careful attentions. Lupul had long since done away with his own refractory period, though now it seems that decision has come back to haunt him as her sensual teasing sends even stronger waves of pleasure through his core.
Haaah, w-well... I'll ah... I'll be sure to send a few bodies to cover the booth... Ahem.
He takes a deep breath in an effort to get his facilities under control.
But yes. It'll be nice to have you around the castle for a bit, heh.

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File: 1569644318295.jpg -(150.6 KiB, 774x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

She'd slowly work her fluffy fingers up and down his shaft gently over and over, stroking and rubbing away happily, grinning down at it as she bent down wrapping her now longer mouth and tongue around it, making another happly little fox sound at his reactions.
Lap lap lap
Well that'd be great, though I'm sure your son could cover it too.
She crawled back up again
Well I wouldn't mind being here awhile, it is a nice place... with lots of fun things to do..
Could even visit some of the more interesting locations
Maybe even visit some other castle people while I'm at it.

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File: 1569646127691.jpg -(238.3 KiB, 504x943) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Blind Eternities!
Lupul gasps, his breath catching in his throat as he's enveloped by Megan's affectionate mouth, finding it was just as inviting as her other insides. He gives a shuddering groan as his length twitches in time with his pounding heart as he lets off a bit of effluence. Not quite a true orgasm, given he'd not completely come down off of the first one, but a definite bump in altitude as his hands quickly reach out as if to steady himself, running his fingers through Megan's hair before she pops back into his peripheral vision.
He says shakily.
Lots of fun things... and people...
Heh, plenty of things to do and see if you want to hang around... I'm sure I shouldn't deny the rest of the castle the sight of those lovely tails~

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File: 1569647224492.jpg -(745.3 KiB, 758x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Good choice of words....
She said as she flicked at his tip now, licking her lips as she savored him.
I think I know how to finish this lovely experience off now...
She grinned as she slowly started to move back down, encouraging him to rest his hands in her floofy hair once more... smiling as she spread her legs again.... clearly enjoying his reactions.
True.... true, really there's so little of this place I visited, I'm sure it could take me a couple months to find all your little secret places.... sure some parts of this castle are dangerous.... but what's fun without a little risk.
Don't let her down in Monarch's lab.... again...
Agreed, I'd like to visit get a few locals, have fun.... crash on Virgil's bed again....
And tease his floofs
And of course, whenever you want some time, I can be there too...
And then that mouth went back down.
And after this we can have a good cuddle.

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File: 1569651498168.jpg -(199.7 KiB, 451x595) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Lupul lets out a sort of growl as Megan all but shoves him back into the white haze of orgasm, his body tensing and depositing another creamy treat into the fox's mouth, though this one substantially thinner than before as she coaxes him past the limits of his current body. He relaxes, his entire body going limp after Megan's post-orgasm orgasm takes what little bit of energy he had left. He embraces her, albeit weakly.
H-Heh. I fear I may have created a monster, my dear.

He takes a long, slow breath and lets it out gently. His hand gently scratches between her fox ears.
I'm sure there's a few sights in the castle I can recommend... There's so much that honestly even I've forgotten some of it.
Maybe I should have someone make some sort of directory, hmmm...
And of course, plenty of people who'd love to meet a frisky little fox like yourself, heheheh.

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File: 1569652537705.jpg -(10.2 KiB, 250x166) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Apparently the surge of spirit energy into her system, and the realization that she had set him off again was enough to send the happy fox into a small burst of pleasure herself, a much weaker one due to her exhaustion but he did see a small trickle of fluid escape her thighs as she gasped from the feeling of her mouth filling up again.
She'd lap it up almost as eagerly as she would have lapped up a delicious dessert grinning away as she nuzzled and lapped away, cleaning him off on all fours...
It was inevitable...
She smiled and licked him clean before practically lapping him all up down there, wiping up every drop she could.... what a lewd little vixen she was.
She'd give a soothing sound as he rubbed those fox ears, them both going flat from the feeling as she slowly came down, happy and content once more.
I've explored before but I'm sure I might even find some things you'd miss.
After all a King doesn't need to know every room in his castle, and she'd finally come up for air once more, at last looking.... quite content and almost sleepy curling up against him as she pushed herself back into his lap again this time just wanting pettings.
Maybe I'll take inventory for you and report my findings.... and get to know people, might be fun to show this frisky side of me to others.

I'm good at directions so it shouldn't be too hard to map this place out.

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File: 1569655138192.jpg -(69.8 KiB, 570x764) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

And pettings the little floof would receive! Albeit gentle and slow pettings on account of Lupul's muscles being entirely too relaxed to do much work. Thoroughly satiated, he runs his hands through the lewd little vixen's fur and tails.
Heh, I'll have to make sure Wheatley knows you're supposed to have access...
Leechy gives a wide yawn.
Ahh, I daresay he does get testy when he thinks someone's trying to get into somewhere they're not supposed to be. But I'm sure you'll have plenty of fun exploring... I think I can probably show you around to some of the more secured areas. I don't get to show those off very often...
He pauses
Though that will have to be at a time when I can feel my legs again, heheheh. Currently, I'm pretty sure I'd be better off slithering around because my legs feel like jelly... So yeah, no plans to move about any time soon.
He gives her another hug.
Though with you as soft and warm as you are, I think I may just end up sleeping.
I guess the cure for insomnia are lovely little foxes with friendly insides, eh? Heheheheh.

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File: 1569657558275.jpg -(150.6 KiB, 774x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

And at this point the poor floof is absolutely pooped, sure she got a load of spirit energy but she wore out every bit of herself doing so, not that she minded it's clear now that for once, her own endless desires have been saited as well... half the reason she crawled was that if she stood she'd have fallen over from exhaustion.
That's that AI right, I've heard of.... him...
She said with a happy yawn leaning into the gentle pets and rubs her tails waving gently back and forth back and forth like a shore plant rocking back and forth in the tide waves.
Well all good security system and guards would do that, he's just doing his job, though with a name like that.
I wonder... nah
I'm sure it would be fun, I doubt most guests really get that interested in letting you show your place off...
Megan sighed weakly.
No I can't move either, in fact at this point I think the only thing I can do right now is....
She yawned happily and cutely
Take a nice snug nap.... and indeed, I think the cure for lust is something to sait it, something soft and warm.... and deliciously fluffy....
She smiled back.
Well I'll be happy to curl up here, I'll say this is one of the few times I can sleep without also feeling that urge.... for once I can just relax.... and feel soothed and calm....
In fact this is likely the calmest Megan has been in ages....
So for now let's rest and, later you can show me around.
And we fade for that now

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