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Okay, so this thread is for the time skip, let me just say this now before I move on to the changes that would have happened.

If you have sessions that will take too long to develop and you feel the need to continue them, you are given permission to just have whatever needs to happen happen. For example, they can be flung forward in time so they don't experience much change, and the world maybe somehow remembering them as if they were still around to do their daily things but the main ones wouldn't remember, whatever, just so long as whatever bullshit does not affect others that it does not need to affect. If you do not have much left, you can still do those sessions in the past until they're done and just transition to the present date as well.

This has been talked about in the main chat for some time, if there are some people that I have missed or were left out, I can work something out with you, just come and talk me.

Onto the changes.

  • Over this 10 year skip, quite a lot will have changed.
  • We didn't have enough ressources at the time to get this going, so space ships will now be far more readily available for people to purchase, provided you have taken the training, and got the right credentials to obtain one.
  • An alliance with Jin was formed in an attempt to work as one with everyone on the continent, so during the 10 years drastic expansion is expected, more cities will be built throughout the continent, each zone or area on the continent will of course fit the theme of whatever monster races live there, so nature themed yet futuristic setting for the most part.
  • Roads and defense towers will be expanded upon and these roads will now travel across the continent to nearly all towns and major settlements.
  • Technology and magic, as well as combination of the two will have seen dramatic expansion as more discoveries are made in each field.
  • Due to publicity from the Idol concert and from tourists from all across the many netherworlds, this world is classified as a netherworld and with contact with other worlds, aurora has gotten access to star maps for the universe and much more coming from deals and technology exchanges.
  • A new global currency of hell was added due to now being part of a new open universe.
  • Many new job openings have opened up to fit the many new roles and jobs needed for space travel, patrol, and defense to help protect the planet from ourside threats, therefor Military and Military related jobs have opened up in mass.
  • Along with drastic expansion, new colonies were also made, many named after the colonies that were originally destroyed on their way to this world as tribute.
  • New initiative has also been taken to terraform dead worlds into living ones, to help future expansion and as such some of these worlds now have populations inhabiting them, more jobs have also opened up for exploration of those worlds as well to help expand.
  • Genetic modifications have now opened up more freely for humans who decide they want to close the gap on monsters if undertaking space exploration or other dangerous jobs requiring more than what the average human can handle.
  • Since the skip, the military has also expanded greatly under the supervision of the demon lord and star breaker, causing the already rather gigantic armada to even further increase. Tony Stark has stepped down as the Leader of the Replicant Military, which now acts on its own, and will be assisting the Armada with his own Galactic Hero Initiative.
  • Over the years the corrupted angels of new avalon have further fallen and become demons under the rule of their new leader, their numbers have increased over the years and they have become a more able force.
  • The new continent after long war and territorial dispute has eventually been conquered by the beastmen kingdom, not long after the dragon and beastmen races under the dragons as well as human kingdom vanished from the continent shortly after several conflicts.
  • The demons and beastmen of the continent would form towns and cities and would see expanded technology and changed living conditions over the years as the world's technology and population's education continues to increase.
  • The Navy forces would have also greatly been expanded, leading to new research and creation of many new ship girls and ships in general which would focus on keeping contact between the continents as well as patroling the waters, more job openings in this field are now also open.
  • The game industry has seen a massive boom over the years, as with it's technology increase, many companies have risen to compete.
  • Two of the largest industries still being Blanc and Neptune's businesses amongst other industry giants.
  • Due to increased tourism and imigrations, many demons from other netherworlds now also inhabit this world, so there is no shortage of talents, mercinaries and people to be hired for expeditions, crews for space exploration and so on.
  • With this, the adventuring guilds that have been open for the longest time will have also seen drastic expansion.
  • With all of this said, welcome to the space age, and enjoy your space adventures, space aliens, space wars, space drinks and space sex... space etc etc etc...
  • More updates will be added over time as I think about it, and many others can add updates of their own to say what may happen to their ventures and the like and how it may have grown over the long gap.

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  • Shirley will continue to serve the ADF as it expands. Also she totally asked Sponty to live with her and she's her wife and also Elsa is but not like officially.
  • Fubuki's Hero Association will eventually assert itself as an independent enforcement organization with a modest membership.
  • The Kingdom of Hyrule finally gains its footing as a government, led by Queen Zelda, who is under increasing pressure to provide the kingdom an heir. The Kingdom has also shown an interest in contributing to space travel.
  • Yesy also continues her ADF service and wonders if travel to Mars can be possible.
  • Ada has become the owner of the fitness center.
  • Chun-Li's dojo has established several branches around the continent with the main location being an expanded facility in Aurora.

That's really all I can think of with major consequence. Might make some drops and try to post some characters more.

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I am unsure if posting the statuses of my characters in this thread is allowed, but nothing seems to be stopping me so here it does.

These are events that I know happened during the period.

Chiyo underwent scientific operations to split the independent two fifths of her old self away from her dominant snake body. She has been programmed into an Android sharing 3/5ths of Chiyo's memories. Chiyo the snake is her own person and her status is pending. Certain events unfolded in the past which will be played out in a flashback sequence.

Takagi Saya and Yoko moved out ages ago while Villere Tureaud moved in with Revy.

The ADF has a new blueberry sniper in their expanded roster. She has taken time to get used to her surroundings all while not missing her shooting touch.

Elya will be running her bar which would have gotten more actvity in the years passing. She is in a strange place due to certain events.

Beatrice checks on her sister periodically, but is spending more of her business and fun times with Kaiba and his industries.

The ghosts have been sealed into jewelry. Fleur is a amethyst gemstone for Elya's collar and necklace. Marguerite is an onyx earring that Beatrice wears on her dog ears. She is also an onyx ring she wears as a human.

Shizune is still being the cat she is, by this time she's exploring new things and ways to entertain herself.

Cu Lancer works as a server in J&E's when he's bored.

Diarmuid Lancer works in a fancier get up. His master will be revealed soon enough.

Haruko is being more active in her Yoko's life as well as Tina's.

Kanako found her peace and is now pimping hoes all over the planet. Regularly sees TCC.

Asuka still works as a cook but only part time now ever since eloping with 8-ball and seeing his world. She's a total slave to it.

Soraka has taken up the housekeeper role for Yuugi's place. She likes to keep her Oni friend company while making visits to her League folks.

Hui is to be determined. She always sticks to Lupul so there's a chance she's with him.

Hideyoshi is to be determined, but his work may or may not be involved with the brothels.

Updates will come in as I talk more stuff out with folks. There's a lot of changes, but they seem minor.

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  • Fendril Noblebright sets up and expands a religion devoted to what he worships: life and the planet that bless people with it. Not as Druid hippyish as it sounds since its more about people than the planet. It's somewhat popular. The religion is called Ecclesia Vitae.
  • Laharl infinitely sick of this netherworld goes home and lets his dad's former vassals set up trade between other netherworlds and Aurora since he's been told that's a good way to generate funds and build his forces and influence without HAVING to beat up the council every time.
  • The Platinum Lynx has opened multiple branches, servicing every fetish across the planet. Every. Single. Fetish.
  • Tetra becomes a Space Pirate, offering her services as a privateer and mercenary crew. However in the back of her mind she knows she'll probably get roped into contributing to the Kingdom of Hyrule's family eventually.
  • The Dragons have made several blows to society as people expanded across the planet but eventually decided to bail out for greener pastures after stealing enough resources to move into space. They aim to take over what planets they can find and gain a foothold before their enemies- their war was nowhere close to over.
  • And by relation of the dragons leaving, the Beastman have taken control of most of the secondary continent, their native home, and put down any possible rebellion that had sided with the dragons. They now use their power to aid in forms of trade during the space age.
  • Frisk volunteers to be an ambassador between humans and monsters like they were in their own universe. Being one of the few natural humans still left in aurora that spent literally years there probably helps with the message to give peace a chance.
  • Finally there are whispers of an intergalactic fight club where lower tier planets are often the bet, run by an Arcosian with a "golden power".

Anyone else is just sticking to their usual antics of improving and making a name for themselves for what they are known for (Marisa being a swindling mage shitlord, Merlin doing her experiments and offering aid to advancing technology, etc etc) or joining the authorities, and some of my other peeps are getting soft reset cause I don't feel like aging some of them and the whole "nobody ages here" thing is really flakey.

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Alphabetical order, I guess...

  • Adrian continued to master cooking and train with Mayze, the two eventually getting hitched. Adrian managed to successfully suppress a Netherworld of his own.
  • Alexander continues to lead and manage the Rainy Sky Guild, the oldest and now largest of the Guilds, as well as acting as one of Satsuki's four Deva. He's a good deal stronger now as well. Currently working on getting a large Guild owned space cruiser for ADVENTURES.
  • Alexis decided to go to space as soon as she could, working to find a crew and train herself in the other elements while she had the time. She has added a mastery of Water to her repertoire and is now a novice of fire and earth magics.
  • Arum began cultivating a World Tree in the center of his grove. It is growing nicely and fueled by his magic. Currently easily visible from miles off.
  • Bren was sent forward in time by his father.
  • Bridgette spent most of her time perfecting craftknight skills and learning magic, but fell into a strange roving dimensional portal three years in, rejoining everyone else at the current date. Never did get her own lab, but she is now working earnestly towards it and perhaps a small space cruiser of her own.
  • Elayne has been working as a model for Skywear, occasionally forcing her husband to do so as well, and has otherwise been assisting Alex in managing and maintaining the guild while training on the side.
  • Ganondorf spent some years training an apprentice and building up the now quite large city he has on the second continent. Some three years in he disappeared into space with the help of Weil to conquer a planet, which he has successfully done. They have been pushing all resources towards more ship construction, and currently have a lovely fleet.
  • Luna and Rin took over the pokemon plane (Namek) they had been on, caught some pokemon, and safely returned to Aurora. They now romp as they please on said planet or Aurora.
  • Mei continues to work as an assassin and mercenary for hire. She's hard to find, but dammit does she get the job done.
  • Mima continues to lead whenever Rance is absent, devoting the rest of her time to learning even more magic and training Azteca's mages. She worked heavily towards the advancement of magic and science for the general populace of the plane.
  • Ran kept up his (for the most part) solitary lifestyle of learning magic and trying to figure out ways to recreate the Teigu. After many years, he's finally on the right track, and it now searching for creatures powerful enough to craft into new ones.
  • Richard is now a squad leader for a detachment of Sanary's Eagles, but has otherwise just been training, protecting Aurora, and working on R&D. His portable weapons are now standard issue amongst various forces.
  • sans is still out trying to rub two funny bones together to get a spark.
  • Valore embraced her scientific side and continues to work on many projects. Assisted in the development of Aurora in much the same way Mima did, but with SCIENCE. Searching for a worthy husband.
  • Varnock exists at all times at once now for all intents and purposes, so not much changed on his end. He has more shrines across the world now and a steady base of followers.
  • Lastly the Du Coudray vampire coven spread out slowly but surely while no one was watching, suddenly emerging one night as a powerful clan that claimed a section of territory on the main continent. The city-state is allied with Aurora, cloaked in an eternal night, and it welcomes those that wish to be their brothers, sisters, and even cattle.

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I have a few more sessions to do and stuff before the fates of some characters is decided, but lets go ahead and type up what I have so far.

Akame: Continuing to live the Cat Life with her erstwhile Night Raid companions while serving Sanary on the side.
...As well as training Aschen to be the perfect snarky sexbot Maid.

Tamamo, Medea Lily, and Miyu: The plan for them so far, along with the rest of the Luvia Household, is to have Tama bring them all to her little world/dimension for training and then, oops, time shit happens when they go to return.

Elizabeth Bathory: Will end up joining Bren for a magical ride across time and space.

EMIYA: Tama forgot to invite him, so he's going to spend most of the ten years drinking and being a borderline autistic Blacksmith in Varnock's demiplane.

Erika: After the ten years Erika will most likely have those Arenas she has planned built and developed.
...As well as going through some of those gene therapy things to increase her magical capacity and slow down or halt her aging. Because FUCK aging.

Noel/Mu: Just working on the farm she shares with her roommates, managing Aurora's first movie theater, and shitposting on Blazblue threads and forums.

Reimu: More or less just inventing and making more golems and magical machines while occasionally hanging out/drinking/having sex with Mokou.

Rin: Still stuck on Namek...I mean. Discussed things with Varny and we've decided that she and Luna would have taken over the Pokeworld by now.

Saber Alter: Gearing up for galactic exploration/conquest with Nero and the others she's dragging along for that.

Sakura: Mostly just continuing to run her restaurant, which may have expanded into multiple branches after the time skip, while lewding everyone and everything she comes across. And maybe spawned the Anti-Christ with Lambda.

Sayaka: Continuing to work with the Sabbath and doing Lichy things. And "comforting" Mami after the blonde's previous girlfriend slipped into a coma or something.

Serena: After saving a small kingdom of talking Fairy type Pokemon from an evil Dragon and his Poison underlings with Red and Yvette, Serena spent the next few years taking it easy and training new Pokemon obtained from the Guild. Like Erika she ended up going through the gene therapy stuff, but instead of going the magic route focused more on enhancing and improving her physical attributes.

Tharja: To be decided.

The Demifiend: After ten years of training with Alexander and Mister Brown, the Demon boy with the soul of a Human will be flying around with the help of Ki while getting into wacky antics with his "unique" team of Pokemon.

White Len: To be decided.

Adrianne: To be decided.

Alastrine: Haven't posted her in awhile due to never getting more pics commissioned, but by now she's probably sunk deeper into madness from researching all sorts of dark and heretical magics.
...While Alicia continues to tease and mock her for being an edgy little fuck.

Alicia: Mostly just taking it easy after the long campaigns she went on with Helen and Co., although she is in charge of helping people migrate from different worlds.

Jessica: To be decided.

Kaleina: To be decided.

Kasumi: Being a family man with Lynn and Kul- SHE COMES SHE COMES SHE COMES

Liselotte: Continuing to YOLO it up like the impulsive and somewhat sociopathic Demigod that she is.

Priscilla: Ruling over her domain and lewding everything she comes in contact with.

Selie: Continuing with her research while working with Rosy.

Sylvia: Being the BEST HEAD MAID EVER at the Vampire Mansion/Love Nest. May have been turned into a Demon Elf Vampire as well.

...And that about does it. As can be seen some characters have stuff to do before I decide their fates, and if anyone wants to add to what's been said regarding their involved characters then just let me know.

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  • Alejandra: Living happily with Razu and sitting on her ass like usual.
  • 8-Ball: Probably balls deep inside Asuka driving around in a space car or someshit like that.
  • Gray: He's probably back to being a space man. Probably not a pirate but a drunken courier running goods from planet to planet since he's got no more lives to fuck up after fucking up Erica's for a little bit.
  • Jenna will be her usual psychotic mess with even more problems than before.
  • Kit: Still living with Donovan happily along with Skiffy. Having a homeworld is too good for her so she'll likely not be participating in the space shenanigans but she'll likely have taken to manufacturing commercial mechs for people along with various parts and modifications.
  • Laura: Dead.
  • Mai: will have managed to break her record of days without accidents by ONE WHOLE DAY! And she will be commonly seen playing with her dog Dachi who'd be a bit of an old fucker after the time skip.
  • Mia: will have turned the God Hand Body Guards HQ into a full blown dojo dedicated to melee fighting and swordfighting for beginniners and intermediates thanks to Granberia's extensive training and her dedication to it. Along with the fact that she took the injection offered by the replicants so she's more than prepared for her archrival to arrive any day.
  • Nakahara: still can't cook for shit, likely moved from Aurora to Azteca to become some kind of pop culture icon with minimal success.
  • Spiffy currently unknown need to talk about it with a couple of folks but she'll still be alive, I'll edit this later
  • Sharon: using the advances in technology Sharon will use a lot more than one way to show off her ass capitalizing on her pseudo fame from posing for Sky Wear
  • Shepard: Likely helping Lira with her band and his grey hairs will have slowed to a crawl with nothing really to fight. The SR-2 Normandy mainly serving as a research vessel for uncharted worlds and basically updating a galaxy map as well for all with EDI being personified thanks to advances in technology. EDI will now have a mobile platform and can be rarely found wandering around.
  • TCC: will have her own rather small space colony where she grows more weed than she'll ever know what to do with spreading the word of Hippyism around the universe where people roam without clothes, smoking weed and indulging on psychedelics and sharing stories and staring at pretty colors most of the time. Courtesy of Lupul since she usually gets what she needs from him in exchange for a good romp.
  • Taffy: Dead. The child alive and well living with Moto.
  • Tiny Tina: Still a psychotic little shit who will run a makeshift firework stand so she could buy more cookies. The stand itself is just her bedroom with a WHOLE ARESENAL OF EXPLOSIVE SHIT JUST LAYING AROUND
  • Valeria: Will have learned english and will be able to speak it well and will have most likely embraced being a Shrine Maiden for Kanako.
  • Virgil: Growing up a prince ain't easy. Especially when your teacher is cramming subjects no kid should ever bother learning. Still surprisingly clueless about the lewdness of the world but that's just what happens you're too busy putting magic created bugs on your sister's head and getting involved with pranks his mom pulls on his dad every so often. Still wont like bed time or the cold. Still attempts some wrestling manuvers he shouldn't when his parents aren't watching. And yes Shiko, YOU'RE STILL A CHICKEN!
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Lets see...

Will be editing because this will take awhile.

  • Rockets in General: Beau will have ordered 6 months rotations on all employees in order to keep them under control. Meaning for them the time skip has been much shorter in duration.... not sure how long.
  • Anthony: Not much changes for him, he didn't seem to age much... but who knows with a person like him. Due to issues back home was forced to leave for a good 2 years, eventually returned even more cranky than before.
  • Jerry: Jerry will have gotten a job taking offers of assistance from anyone... if someone looked like they needed something he'd pop up and offer it no matter who it was... He also continues to spy on 'interesting' people like Helen, or people who want to be alone like Valore. May or may not be in a long term troll war with Cheshire cats.
  • Conny: Continued her research into weapons and fire magic until she's become skilled at both. Eventually took Yukihime with her on her dimensional travels for a few years.
  • Rockets IN SPACE: Upon news of space fleets the Rockets will have gotten their own spaceship shipped on over via Xen and laboriously rebuilt here good as new...
  • Ribbons: Expanded to create a few towns of their own along the east coast of the first continent, may provide metal and supplies for ship building as part of a trade deal. Have a large naval fleet of their own and may have an outpost on the second continent as well. Planning on planetary mercenary work and asteroid mining but few takers yet.
  • General Blue: Most likely finally ending the Isolation with the rest of the planet. Will cut a deal with Aurora and whatever other cities in return for clay. Still very gay.
  • Chisame: Recruits Adrianne for another net Idol, malfunction with an age candy leaves her stuck as "Chibi Chi" for some time, leaving her normal age completely screwed up. Most likely supported the splitting of Chiyo and CHIU and will have tried to convince Setsuna to give up on leaving. Still a passive grump that only Adrianne and a few others can drag her out of.
  • Native Demons: Took over the ground where Helios stood, only hesitantly allowed the angels the remains of their city as long as they took their place and got the Fuck out. May or may not have a floating continent of their own under construction just to "Me too" Still under truce with everyone else and rather fine with casual acquaintances... still don't like Angels. Claimed territory in the southern portion of the second continent, provided support towards both sides of the Beastmen Dragon war in order to leave both sides too weak to advance on their territory.
  • Rakshasas: Escaped to space, became space pirates with stealth ships, those that didn't still lurk around both continents in connected positions, are often mistaken for Beastmen and that's just how they like it.
  • Shephard: Eventually escaped to Xen, ran into Neo Team Rocket and fucked off to a dimension where the Gman can't find him... may or may not return.
  • Megan: Continues to live with Franklin while doing odd jobs in town. May help out as a maid part time at Sanary's to pass the time when she's extra bored while teaching swimming at the swimming pool in the city. Learns a bit of magic and fighting skills but still isn't very good at it. May drop off the map for a year due to a magic accident. Gets used to Akazukin... eventually.
  • Channeler: Most likely married Neva and has moved from her modest Tent to a large store in Aurora which she would eventuallly Combine with her pokemon Gym, most likely vastly more powerful than she was before. Has opened other shops in other towns manned by spirits and ghost type pokemon. Sometimes visits Sanary's and Erika's.
  • Weil: Leads a dangerous space Empire and controls multiple systems and rules large interstellar fleet and army of his own, has an arms length Alliance with Ganondorf. Is working with dark powers and plots to bring untold horror to the multiverse.
  • Mr.Black and the Humans: Eventually found some land outside of Aurora near Ribbon territory to put up a human majority village of their own. Still passively anti-monster, including Monster Humans
  • Annete: Spent the meantime trying to do more research on the elusive "Type A" and eventually after years of investigation has identified most of them on the RP... still avoids Tiamat's group, did make up some with Anthony, may be teaching psychic training if Priscilla's idea ever took off.
  • Gemini: Due to splitting time up with Rocket will spend much of the time skip away from home.

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File: 1466063923570.jpg -(111.8 KiB, 675x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Vyse will have expanded his city on the floating island. The minerals there will have been cultivated, harvested and researched more over time enabling Kokonoe and Dr. Fran (should Bunz choose) to use them as a means of giving humans magical powers without corrupting them. However, not wanting to be seen as an enemy Vyse will have made alliances with Aurora as well. He does have businesses there after all.

The two Ciels will have set aside their differences for the time being and now act as business partners. They run different branches of the Phantom Corporation, which will see expansion into the stars as well. They primarily manage Banks, but will also have a sister branch dealing in toys called Phuntom Corp. in honor of his old business on earth.

Yamame will be expanding her clothing brand as well. Wherever there are monsters in the universe, there will be the Fashion Web spreading as far as it can. She may take on a friendly rivalry with Skywear, depending on whether or not Aizen's fine with that.

I have more I want to include, but I have to talk to a few people before I can. So this will be edited at a later date.

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File: 1466068140953.jpg -(80.9 KiB, 548x1088) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
  • Due to the war, Asuka tried to dive deeper into the multiverse as a last ditch effort to save her people. To achieve this feat, she accidentally overloaded the dimensional gate, sending the entire town into the bowels of a spaceship deep in the Aurora sea. To see how that went for them, check rpi.
  • Asuka, who had used herself as a conduit to overload the gate, was flung into the multiverse. After spending 8 years of traveling, learning new things, making new friends and getting stronger, she had finally returned to her people. Who blamed her for everything that went wrong ever since they abandoned Aurora. A wiser and older woman, Asuka didn't argue with them and didn't seek to the crown of leadership from their new leader, instead happily accepting a soldiers position again.
  • Griffith, who got really lucky, now acts as the savior of humanity and General-King of the human ship.
  • Motoko, still besties with Yuugi, managed to set up an information network that spreads through the entirety of Aurora. Everything shady going down or any new arrivals, Motoko is usually the first to know about it. Besides that, she works for Star Breaker as a clandestine operative.
  • Achilles follows his Master where ever she chooses to go. He was really active during the 2nd continent war as a mercenary, killing many beastmen and dragons. This has earned him quite a reputation in the mercenary and warrior circles. He's still not wearing the ring Tama gave him.

Yell at me if I forgot anyone.

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File: 1466071689497.gif -(174.6 KiB, 433x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

All due to changes if needed

Toki: Will devote more time to medical arts. Will grow used to an isolated home life.

Jotaro: Takes a job as a scientist with the growing facilities, remains to never grow close to others.

Josuke: Continues to play around with technology for a while, as space ships become available, will save up to purchase a small ship for himself, undertaking training. His Stand's power make him a great candidate given he can keep it in one piece. When he isn't flying, the shop he runs is booming and he enjoys hosting smash tourmaments!

Misha: Dropped, back home, died, She's done as far as I'm concerned.

Sakuya: Remains her diligant self in the mansion, entertaining a few friends if they visit.

Youmu: Noticibly doesn't age much physically due to her half-ghost nature. Remains with Gio where their close relationship doesn't drift apart. Her sword arts have drastically improved, but never falters on her gardening. Sometimes works at Gio's new restaurant.

Gio: Remains with Youmu as said above. Psionic defense still a priority and perhaps implants will become available. Works with Mami and opens an italian restaurant with her help, DiGiorno's. It's a good legit from but he sometimes hosts gambling nights in the back.

Lux: Her work as Mayoral assistant never ceasing for her, she has huge involvement in developing the town into the city. Amazingly keeping devoted despite her growing perversions in her private time. Amazing she never slips to the corruption, perhaps some of the population consider it a talking point?
Special Note: If Neva never shows up again, consider Lux elevated to Mayor itself.

Genis: His bookish style never changes and he keeps in the library, although he is nowhere near in as often as he was. Following in his sister's footsteps he takes up teaching from time to time, helping people discover or develop magic responsibly as they'd be exposed to it soon enough. His half-elven nature means he won't grow too much, perhaps a small height jump.

Hilbert: Works with Erika to manage the growing pokemon scene. DUE TO DISCUSSION. It looks like he will take up an Elite 4 Position.

Magus: Remains at a distance from the town and continues to develop his own dark arts. Every now and then an innocent monster may become the subject of his work to try and resist or even counter the corruption essence. Determined not to be corrupted, memories of his mother losing her own mind seeing to that. Never really remains close to anyone, only Tharja really would be able to see him.

Jon Irenicus: A slow start I know, but he has quickly learned of how the corruption process works, given he has not got a proper soul from his curse, he seeks to find how to get one WITHOUT being changed phyiscally, once he does this, he will see about seizing the power he desires. I'll need to speak to Mari on this one.

Fou-lu: A time skip opens the chance for Fou to finally develop his own place. Chedo. While the rest of the place grows in technology, Chedo retains classical oriential themes. A castle town for those who with to retain a quieter, simpler life away from the big tech giants.

Franklin: Still dealing the weed to earn lots of money, mainly lives a life of luxary and casual encounters. Considers getting himself a space ship to explore to his heart's content, him and a nice woman. Megan and Mary Jane remain his closest intimate friends.

Yuri: To be decided, but I expect he'll just enjoy watching everything grow around him, the cat girls are always nice. The extent of what else he gets up to rests on what may happen before.

Wave: I'm lacking an important detail to get from someone but in the meantime, he'll be getting working space, you know, Navy...in SPACE.

Misty: May arrive during or just after the times kip, whenever the pokemon league is up and needs numbers for gyms.

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>> No.1853088   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1466114103141.jpg -(672.3 KiB, 1134x2008) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Colt - TBA
Hiita, The Fire Charmer - Decided to stay home and watch over tohka not having much else to do nor having a student to teach she got relatively bored of things and simply frequent's kaiba's card store btfo'ing people in ygo.
June July - Was kidnapped and retrained by skadi. More to be added later.
Mumei nanashi - Acting as admiral and works with the naval expansion within aurora.
Nath - Stayed in aurora. Due her climbing boredom and lack of acquaintances has decided on entering brief hibernating periods throughout the 10 years.
No Name & Robo-chan - No name continues to haphahazardly bother people, more particularly women much to causing Robo much distress and annoyance.
Shimakaze - too fast. Running around still being the same autistic bunbun as usual.
Skadi - Enjoying her 'peaceful' retirement while freely intervening with asgard when bored.

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>> No.1853146   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1466121306418.jpg -(375.2 KiB, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The summoning contracts of Lucius Lightfall have expired. Lucius Lightfall's immortality wears off seven years ago. With it, the following characters have returned to their original dimension and ceased to exist:

  • Valkin
  • Scarlette Clementine
  • Lorelei
  • Meute
  • Volought
  • Lute
  • Zeke
  • Titania
  • Zephyr Melody
  • Fianna
  • Gardenia
  • Anima
  • Death
  • Lumina Lightfall
  • No'fa Sol
  • Weber

Lucius Lightfall's winery will have become incredibly successful, but with the disappearance of his workforce, the company is sold. Lucius himself socially vanishes, along with his fortress.

About four galaxies away, an eldritch creature has woken up from its slumber. Said creature will have traveled from planet to planet and star to star, simply absorbing all life and light from whatever it contacts. It is on a steady course for this star.
The monster is a planet-sized spider with human arms for legs. Its abdomen has a jellyfish's hood and is accompanied by several hundreds of tentacles, stingers, and more human arms. Instead of a web gland, it possesses a snake's tail. Growing on its back is a world tree, holding all the energy it has been absorbing since it has awoken.

Demonlord Bell has become a video game addict/no-lifer, and spends her time competing at tournaments.

Vale spends his days looking after his pokemon, same as always.

Ark has properly learned Tera spells, transmigrated and left the netheruniverse, heading home. He had a son and sent him to Aurora 2014, where he gets robbed naked.

>> No.1853181   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1466125681200.jpg -(2.3 MiB, 4000x3000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Colette - Spent the years managing Aberdeen and continuing her side job as a Creative Writing teacher on the weekends. Actually decided to spend some of her vast wealth on having a large mansion built in Aberdeen and made it her permanent address (still has the apartment because sentimentality). Recently went through every single story, every single note, every single piece of material from her writing and published several anthologies, each dedicated to their specific setting. Still a tall dragon.

Vanessa - Spent the years finishing up school and eventually learned magic (although she still doesn't use it very much despite how efficiently she can use it). Still can't fly without magic. Still a small dragon.

Catlette - After much, much work, she has finally been pressured into wearing her maid uniform at Cat Mansion... More often. Still floofy.

Doglette - Still a dog at Cat Mansion. Works hard (when not distracted). Runs errands with the other maids (they're not walks). Still alleviates any boredom around the mansion (they're not playing fetch). Floof.

Foxlette - Workaholic floof fox. Works hard (consistently). Still works on a switch for the most part. Successfully increased the amount of work done in Cat Mansion overall. She can do anything around the mansion!... As long as that work switch of hers is on.

Saya Endou - After time and help from Hotaru, she runs her own cafe out in Aberdeen similar fashion to how things were back home. A nice place to hangout and have a drink.

Saki: Intro'd in the future. (wary)

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>> No.1853203   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1466131766251.jpg -(20.3 KiB, 225x225) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

During the timeskip Aurora has developed a league of its very own!

(This list is still tentative)

It follows the same general system as is the norm, and the Gyms and Elite Four are as follows:

Rachel - Fire
Korrina - Fighting
Adrian - Poison
Yvette - Fairy
Jasmine - Steel
Misty - Water
Amanda - Ghost
Erika - Grass


Champion shall be awarded to the first to complete the League Challenge!

(Any questions or complaints should be brought to myself, especially if you want in on this and I just missed adding you into the discussion.)

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>> No.1853241   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1466139966804.png -(557.9 KiB, 801x737) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Okay so I'm still kind of lost about this whole ordeal or why we're even doing this to begin with. I was already out of touch with most of the stuff that was going on due to not posting much so this certainly isn't helping, but let's see...

Geni will continue exploring and meeting people, sometimes having kinky blob sex with them and otherwise getting involved in all kinds of misadventures. Over time she'd gotten slightly less dumb and whiny, but not much. Same goes for Veronika pretty much.

Razu has came to the conclusion that instead of moving her entire castle like a transformer around the planet to get a change of scenery it would be much more simple to get on board with the current fad and just turn her place into a gigantic spaceship so she can go around and take her people to cool places instead of sitting around in the same spot forever.
She'd otherwise have continued welcoming in people, particularly cute girls while also firmly denying any accusations of possibly being a lesbian, insisting that she is mostly straight while also a connoisseur with an eye for pretty-looking women.

Calcium as the faithful maid with the unflinching allegiance to Lupul she was well-known for, not much would have changed as far as she was concerned, except maybe some upgrades here and there to help facilitate her work as the master maid. She possibly would have gotten slightly more bossy as a result of directing an army of maids for so long.

Imu unsurprisingly ended up getting officially married with Nicol, enjoying a peaceful life with her grumpy old dragon and exploring various other worlds and places. She'd also possibly be ending up bearing his child as well, which might or might not just so happen to look like some sort of loli Granberia.

Both Guus, but mostly the adult one, would have grown very distant from pretty much everyone and everything. Possibly even sending Hare back home after reverting him back and erasing his memories of the place for his own good. (depending on Link)

Sponty would have continued to be most strippery stripper around the place, thanks the wonders of ~MAGIC AND SCIENCE~ allowing her gigantor titters not to become all super saggy over the years and stuff. Yay.
Also might or might not have given Shirley and monster!Zelda a couple of bun kids.

Killia remained at Garleus' side, while still seeing Lupul from time to time, gaining reputation among the Shalzen but also outside as a well-known Shalzen diplomat for the various other nations around the world.


As for Matsuri Carmen Raven Carrera Neenee Zig-Zag Monique Shannon Renamon :
I haven't decided what I want to do with most of them yet. Some might very well end up just getting dropped from lack of interest or idea where to take them from there. Others will most likely end up getting "warped" into the future with no idea what's been going on and having gone missing during all those years, or something like that. I'll edit this when I've made up my mind and talked to a few people.

>> No.1853465   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1466207357562.jpg -(143.7 KiB, 500x375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Angie: Continues on with her duties in her territory on a different world and has used the tech from Aurora/Erythia to expand her little empire onto other planets.

Anima: Still bound to Rozalin, Anima will use her powers as requested, but otherwise continues to take it easy as she does.

Anna/Rav: TBA

Aschen: Will be trained as a snarky sexbot maid thanks to the kidnapping/reprogramming at the hands of Akame.

Bara: Continues to work under Sayaka and Kyoko, slowly becoming more and more obedient and far less angry over the years.

Cynthia: Cynthia will continue to work under Goddess Zelda, having undergone gene therapy to halt her aging. Will be living the good life with her bestie Ashlyn.

Deis: Will laze about for those 10 years, and possibly end up sleeping through most of it since it's just a small fraction of her long life. Might possibly have a personal Colette clone to coil and pet now.

Elena: TBA

Henne: Continues to lord of the Vampires from behind Kissy's position, enjoying her time with her pets/maids. She'll have also upgraded her cybernetic parts at some point to stronger and more responsive versions.

Hinako: Will continues to be the bright and bubbly girl she always is. After a few years, she'll have founded the Aurora Racing Federation and burns rubber on the tracks.

Hino/Uno: Hino will continue to lead a double life of stalking Selie and being a servant of the Sabbath in her Uno body.

Illya: Will miss these 10 years because of Tama's fuckup.

Johnathan Brown: Will end up starting the Turtle School of martial arts to teach people how to fight and use ki while continuing to train and get stronger.

Kara: Continues to train under Saber Alter and joins her on SPACE ADVENTURES!

Kuro: TBA

Lynn: Continues to run her merchant empire was well as living with her famiS̸̟ͯ̏̉̅̊ͥ̇͐͜͠H̩̫͑̎ͨ͑̀͝͡Eͦ͋ͯ̈́̃҉̶̰̺͟ ̙̜̹̜͙̰ͬ̃̊ͣ̕͝ͅÇ͉̻̗̟̗͙̺͎̌͗ͣ͝͡Ǫ̵̴͉͚̻̑ͤ̈M͂̆ͥ͏̴̩̼͖̺͜Ë͉̻́ͩ̌͂͌͗͝S̛͕̗̘̗̦̘̤̞̆̈̄̂ͥ͒!̜̖͖̫͙̂̅̓ͅͅ

Nina: Continues her daily life as not much changes when you're a familiar. Possibly helps take care of the Anti-Christ that Sakura and Lambda may spawn.

Nohwai: Will have gotten a job to help support her family with Chiharu and Vivian. Is currently raising her twins, Sayuri and Saran, in the larger house she and the rest have moved into.

Novl: Novy will have made her big debut on the music scene, becoming a local favorite and a small time celebrity. Still chills with Lisa and her YOLOing self.

Raven: Still works for Zigzag's store as she raises her daughter Helen and Sofia the Flareon girl. She'll also work part time as a blacksmith and also has several gardens around Aurora she keeps maintained.

Rosalina: Continues to collects toys and funds the Sabbath's research along with hiring certain people to help her design some more interesting toys. She will have a small shop to sell some of them. Also collects anime and video games when she's not dealing with the public.

Rumari: TBA

Sanary: Continues being the Demon Lord, pushing and driving the expansion along side her advisers and friends. Sanary will use her personal funds and build several spaceports across the world and will release several of her spacecraft designs into the public domain.

Theo: Never posted him much, so he has gotten kidnapped by some monster finally. The end.

Yvette: After her awesome adventures in that strange pokemon world, Yvette will end up joining the newly founded Pokemon League as a gym leader.

Zinny: The silly dragon continues to perform her duties as part of the Dragon Army, adding to her treasures as time goes on.

>> No.1853559   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1466221404394.jpg -(27.4 KiB, 326x331) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I know you've been watching

do you like watching suffering?

do you like to watch people suffer

what is wrong with you

do you want to see more

what is wrong with you what is wrong with you what is wrong with you what is wrong with you

I̸̸͝͞͏̠̱̖͖̻̣̝̩̺̺̙̖̠̝'̷̡̨҉̱̰̫̫̩̝̱͈̟́ͅḾ̸̱̪̥̠͉͍̱̣̼̲̰̹͎̠̝̖̻͍͕͘͟ ̸̷̡̰͙̣͉͎̬̫̹͖̗̼̹̘̬̺͓̩̕ͅW̨̧̬̤̯͚̖̥̲̮̭͢͡Ạ̸̸͎͓̫̖̫̮͎̖̙͈͕͇̘͓̝̥͘͟͡T̸̵̺̫̰̭̳̱̰͙̜̝͈̝̕͜͠C̮̘̰̼̙̭̖͉̖̩̱̕͜͡ͅH̶̷̨̜̫̗̜̞̀Ì̴̛͍̰͇͟ͅŃ̢͙͚̝͍̤͍͟G̶̛͡҉̸̣̯̟̲͓̖̻̻̦̺̳̠ ̵̨̟̦̝̮͜͞Y̧̪͇͉̮̳͔̦͓Ơ̡̥̤̝̺̼̞͓̬͇̬̳̝̠̺̙̮̳̘̪U̷̧̝͓̟̪ ͙̬̣̥̟͕̱̬͈̼̪̫́̕͢ͅĆ͠͏̡̯͓̜̦͕͚̺L̴̻̻͎̥̬̱̫̝͉̤̮̱̕Ǫ̵̴̦̗̼̜̝͚́S̻̪̝͖͙̦͎̮̝̝̰̺͍̮͇͘͢͢Ę̵̸̧̻̩͈͎̖̯̳̝̖̹͠L̷̥͚̰͍͓̱͍͙̰̘͙̹͔̱͍͠ͅY̷̷̴͔͙̘̖͉͎̠͙̪


STARDROIDS: CURRENTLY IN SPACE. Somewhere amongst the stars, going to be very hard to locate.


BLAZE THE CAT: FLUNG FORWARD IN TIME/JUST ARRIVED. Likely has arrived for the first time, likely will remain that way. Depends.

LUIGI: ARRIVED FOR THE FIRST TIME. Luigi can be found likely wandering about having run-ins with demons, devils, and whatever the horrors of pure death command. Luigi will live.

ASSORTED: MAY NOT RETURN EVER AGAIN. Half of these were back when I called metric fuckloads of characters. Now they are free for all who decide to use them.

DOUGAL: Has been suspiciously silent these past ten years. Has grown in power and in body ever since along with his fellow Plague Doctor followers. They are all no longer ordinary in stature. They are somewhere indiscernible.

NEW OCs: You will see them very, VERY soon.~

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>> No.1853628   [Delete]   [Edit]

Can't seem to Edit this post for whatever reason, so here's some additions.

Adrianne: Ends up spending the ten years becoming an Internet idol with Chisame while developing a strong friendship with the hacker girl. Continues to tease Vanessa about her relationship with Baseball-Sensei.

Yukihime: With Sakura's permission the Ice Fox joins Conny on various adventures over the years, becoming stronger and improving her magical swordsmanship skills.

Asahime: Over the decade Asahime has grown to become a frighteningly powerful Psychic, specializing in mentally controlling and manipulating others. Not even their physical bodies are safe, becoming clay to her mental hand.

Yoruhime: Having received her magical gloves from Conny before the fire fox fucked off with Yukihime, Yoruhime proceeds to spend the ten years training herself in hand-to-hand combat, possibly joining Mister Brown's Dojo to develop Ki abilities.
...And she continues to spaghetti over Rachel.

Kusahime: Never did much with her due to a lack of pics, for the most part she just maintains her day job as a waitress at a cafe and spends time with her family.

Alice: Another Pokegirl but one I never got around to posting, might do so after timeskip stuff is finished.

Vivian: Made a baby ghost Pokegirl thing with Chiharu and spends the ten years raising it with her and the weird sort of family she and the fox dragon have going on with Nohwai.

>> No.1854215   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1466417811527.png -(639.9 KiB, 540x796) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Tracy – Living as a family man, he works at his own fairly successful café/dessert shop. Spends most of his free time helping whoever needs it (usually without seeking a reward). Still scribbles art(?). Still a cowardly spaz.

Gio – Spent the years mastering/perfecting her “Crystal” and “Enhancing” magicks. With her newfound mastery, she’s now able to create limbs at will (the amount of detail in each body part scales with the amount of concentration needed). Actually decided to pick up a few languages (to fan the flames for her never-ending curiosity). Spends most of her time doting on her daughter.

Tim – Thanks to the advent of Aurora’s space age, he has successfully made contact with the Cosmic Arks. Picked up a plethora of weapons while visiting (Icicle Shields, Parasols, Paralyzers, Mine Shooters, a Jet Hammer, etc) and a variety of different bits. Continues to follow his lust for adventure through any means.

Tes – TBA

Seija - The silly sociopath has moved on to bigger game. Bigger game meaning going out to random planets and using her power of “inverse” to mess with foreign worlds. Can someone tell me what the opposite of a black hole is?

Cassiel – Gio’s daughter. Suffering from “Visual Hallucinations” ever since she was little, she herself decided to grow up blind. Knows her mother’s magic, and has all of her mother's ideals and values instilled inside her also.

Sen – Intro’d in the future, N-Nyaa…


The coordinates to the Cosmic Arks have been discovered and have been made available to the public.

It's own commercial can be heard every so often over every radio, televison, or other media.

>Explore the ever-changing dimension that is Random Arcantus!
>Re-live the history of the Cosmic Arks through Holo-Missions!
>Experience the chaos and carnage that is The Arena!

Needless to say, the commercials don't seem to be working all that well...

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File: 1466549971037.png -(1.1 MiB, 1104x1064) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Oh hey, I'm alive again. Finals sorta got in the way of stuff hardcore, but when I heard about the timeskip I decided I'd return when it happened. Lo and behold, it happened, so here I am!

Moto - Despite suffering the loss of Taffy, he's been raising his daughter this last decade. Retired from most hard work, he'd decided to settle down and live a more comfy life, choosing to help raise Pokemon, mainly Mienfoo. Cause they're so cuddly. In terms of his pokemon, Uri's sadly passed away due to old age from all the time shenanigans he went through, and so he has a new Growlithe. Elia is now a Mienshao.

Neva - Has served as the mayor of Aurora for over a decade now. Married Amanda, and sometimes helps her with managing the store and gym when she has free time. Rumors though have started that perhaps she may step down as mayor soon...

Ku - Has worked loyally at the Cherry Blossom Lounge for the past decide, probably the best nikuman chef in town at this point. Oh and on the side she teaches Kung Fu to any students willing to learn.

Nakoruru - She has a few shrines dedicated to her gods in areas that wanted one, and works full time with that, living more on donations but it's work she enjoys.

Proto-Man - Has basically served as sorta a silent protector for the city. Remained friends with the orange girl he saved years ago.

Tenryu - Continues to crash wherever she feels like, raising her child that she had with Lupul.

>> No.1855067   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1466736203780.png -(2.8 MiB, 1600x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ainz Ooal Gown - Has spent his skeleinton time trying to spread his name in influence across the world. making connections when needed and killing others when deemed needed. He also spends a lot of his time wondering when the next shift in the genre is going to be, When did fantasy become Sci-fi?

Diane - ten years isn't really a thing for a Giant, she hardly notice the time pass by at all. But in that time I'm sure she found a way to shrink herself at will (which she loves), Learn how to dance better (Which she loves), And get her memories back (Which kind of makes her sad, but she wont show it.) She spends her times making new friends if she can, since she can now. She always wanted to be friends with normal sized people.

Gilgamesh - Has spent his years in leisure as an adult and being molested over and over again as a child. He spends his time and money where he chooses but tends to give most of it to a certain someone, but also find the time to keep being a pompous dick. Also befriending children.

Ivy Hidoi - Has spent her time like most other demons, chasing around the next thing that has caught her eye. But also remembering to spread her flower power where ever she goes. She still hangs out with her favorites still though, they need some late night company anyway.

Keima Katsuragi - Hardly ever leaves the home, his PTSD has make him a super reclusive now. He only ever really interacts with his wife and his very few games he keeps playing over and over.

Kira Yoshikage - Now that the times have caught up to what he was more use to. He works at a major company (He doesn't care which one) at a simple normal desk job. He doesn't stand out at all and turns away any advances. Just a normal human living in strange world... He also has killed a lot of NPC girls by now. Enough for someone who is looking close enough to maybe see a connection, but then again people just disappear in this world for no reason right?

Koyomi Araragi - Hangs out with Kanbaru often and Shinobu as well. He likes to walk about the city, trying to not face reality. But instead chase down little girls. He also completed college and went on to have a career in monster girl health and care.

Kumagawa Misogi - Is proud to remain the worlds weakest human ever! And he will challenge anyone to prove it. His quest to finally win at something continues onward. Someday he might get there.

Kyubey - Continues to be the magical slut that she is thanks to all the people in her life that just want to touch her fluffy tail and then bang her. She also worries about the day Lupul's son reaches that age... Either way she made up with Rena and feels a whole lot better about her life and tries not to think about her horrible past as much as she can and just enjoy her time here.

Luvia Edelfelt - Got sucked into Tama's time hole and hasn't really missed a beat since then. She does wonder how in the world her home stood up all these years with no upkeep let along it not being torn down. Also all the new tech is weird to her, but that's time travel baby! She keeps studying under Tama who keeps removing parts of her.

Miia - Is probably a manager at a bakery by now. He likes to make things for her husband so she decided to stay there. She's also probably very married by now, since ten years is a long time for dating. She is the happiest snake in the world.

Mira Yurizaki - Continues her best to be a good worker and earn the respect of her peers so that they will continue to treat her like an adult and a equal. She's also trying out different things when she can to make her life not all about sitting at a desk.

Oz Vassalius - Has been happily together with his sweetheart for a long time now. His clock never killed him so that is good. He spends his time trying to make Alice happy and continuing to fend off best friend Ciel from doing butt stuff with him.

Sakata Gintoki - Will forever be my background character only to be used at my enjoyment. Or if someone actually wants to use him for odd jobs.

Satsuki Kiryuin - Has mad a family with her sister, she finally feels a peace with that having never known a real one with her mother. She also has expanded her Mega-Corporation, SkyWear, into ever nook and cranny of this world and into space and even other dimensions. Trying to do her best with any and all competition.

Shinobou / Kissshot - Has spent her eternity ruling over the vampires and getting her grove on with her little harem of girls she's gained over the years. She keeps her Thralls the closest though, her vampire, fox, monkey, elf, and Bird.

Tatsumi - Is a full incubus by now and spends his time adventuring with his wife and friends. Doing what she wants to do most of the time, but that doesn't bother him. She does worse stuff to him in the basement.... Not that he hates that either.

Tohka Yatogami - Is really dumb, so she doesn't do much besides let her big sis rape her and take care of her. Also making new friends is nice. So is cooking, she likes doing that now.

And that's my list! Anyone else I did have and didn't say anything about is considered gone at this point.

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File: 1466748260899.gif -(2.0 MiB, 2100x1100) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ok so a lot of these will be TBA due to a few reasons. One is I've been writing up a series of samefag sessions in open office which will all be in a postathon soon. Taking place in the past, because I've been busy as hell.
Hopefully I can still get people on board for it's finale. If not then at least I got some plot shit done. Secondly, I need to talk with some people beforehand. Anyways...

Bella - Living with Tracy on Imu's farm. They're happily married together and had three children. Not including Geni's.
??? - TBA after postathon
Dasiou - Having become accustomed to technology, diplomatic work has become much easier for her. Because it's given Dasiou so much free time, she decided to start a band, which has been kicking off the past two years.
Dr.Light - Working on it
Dustin - TBA after postathon
Edith - Though still a little dull headed, she's become a bright and compassionate young girl, having attended numerous classes (partially for fun) and gained a great deal of knowledge.
Ezlo - Ezlo has recently developed a new form of combat mixing magic and physical combat, often sparring with his pokemon after becoming a trainer on the side. More to be added after Postathon.
Garleus - The king signed a treaty with Aurora before the skip, welcoming it's futuristic culture to the world. Because of this, high class resorts have opened across the globe, and newly developed technology allows land dwellers to travel in underwater vessels between these resorts through ocean currents, allowing land dwellers to take tours of it's oceans. The island of Dahl has since adopted this technology and has become much more futuristic. All land dwellers are welcome to visit.
Garleus himself spends most of his time at the embassy. Keeping an eye on Tugu and Dasiou, while running the embassy with Killia.
Gumi - Her radio station has become a massive hit, bringing stars and idols alike to the bustling Aurora scene while also hosting weekly raves to the public. The rest will be added after I talk with someone about her bf.
Hero of Time - TBA after postathon
Hero of Winds - TBA after postathon
Kiko - TBA after postathon
Lavine - Need to talk with some people first.
Mew - Mew has stopped living in Aurora since the rise of pokemon trainers. Living outside the town's outskirts.
Minami - I have no idea. A few people want me to post her but she hasn't been posted in ages and has nothing going on.
Shadow - His tea house has become famous in Aurora, expanding significantly, as well as offering an assortment of magically enhanced tea. Very little is known about the owner. Who is sometimes seen with some girl who eats metal.
Talga - TBA after postathon
Tank - TBA after postathon
Tugu - She's become rather addicted to Aurora's internet culture, living in the Shalzen embassy with Killia. But under strict regulations from Dasiou.
Vaati - TBA after postathon
Zelda (Goddess) - TBA after postathon
Zelda (Normal) - TBA after postathon
Zero - May be making a return.

If I missed anyone message me and I'll add them later.

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File: 1466847076964.png -(88.2 KiB, 275x238) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
  • I know Kogasa is housewife mode
  • Keine is a teacher
  • Orenji is a maid-nee
  • Shiroko is aware of her bro's being in purgatory and is working on pulling him out, still looking for someone with a magic type that could help deal with that (had a session going, life kidnapped me)
  • Ukon and Suzy have joined the military if one should exist
  • Sukuna's... still smol and a wandering bowl-dweller
  • Asia I might drop, but if not she's a fortune teller or something
  • Ginko is still a wandering fuckstick
  • Karura and Touka have definitely also gone military, jfc I need to sort my shit out
  • Eruruu is a pharmacist unless I need to talk to someone about that
  • Airan is timelocked as a child because I can't afford to comission teenager art
  • Aruruu is wherever Eruruu is

And uh, because this world is anime bullshit I'm sure they all look the same anyways. Love ya.

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File: 1468001985724.jpg -(234.9 KiB, 1245x779) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

(I'm hardly the best but someone has to try it)

In the frame of 10 years, space technology has become a much heated point of interest, with the general level of tech rising and desire to reclaim the ability for space travel.

Working scientists, including Jotaro, have also desired space for places to do their work, plus a port of call for space travel would be greatly beneficial, although some would also like the peace. Some would just prefer not to live in the city of Aurora with it's monster population.

In response to this, a space station, Port Lighthalzen, named in honor of the famous city from the first planet, has been constructed. Showcasing the peak of what tech has to offer much like the old place, it sits in orbit around the planet. Using the design seen in the picture, the station is accessed either through a person's individual starship if they have one, or through a shuttle service which runs to and from the planet's surface, with strict traffic controls to avoid trouble.

Port Lighthalzen sports the following

  1. Colony-like living areas, complete with earthlike atmospheres, self sustained. Live on the station if you like!
  1. Heavy duty research and development quarters, with additional facilities to take advantage of orbit. Always looking for new scientists and engineers
  1. A large commodity market for space traders to buy and sell their goods, including any new races looking for business with the planet.
  1. Defense systems to keep the station safe in case of attack or if someone is being a danger to traffic, yes, responses for being a hazard in the docking point are fatal.

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Probably should have done this post in here instead of including it in a post from apparently 2 weeks ago.

Anyways, Aberdeen Summer Fest has started.

All the people.
All the vendors.
All the swimsuits.
All the summer things.

All happening at Aberdeen's waterfront!

Take the teleporters and come to Aberdeen this summer!

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File: 1503589951957.png -(37.1 KiB, 741x741) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

There's a new video game developer in town (Aurora I mean), with their own console and their own advertised release party for their games and cross compatibility with their own systems. As well as announcing Augmented Reality Games to supply something not yet widely available.

Their big game in development is holding an open beta for the first few dozen people that sign up. A game that allows people to be a hero and go on adventures without any tie to actual world ending threats or whatever nasty drama that's usually occurring. An escapist fantasy even for monsters.

Parties interested should contact Kuroto Dan at the main office- conveniently within spitting distance of the Arcade where they'll also be donating their own game cabinets!

That means PM me, for reference.

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File: 1503918142265.jpg -(25.2 KiB, 600x345) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

To all who are friends/allies/frequent visitors of New Ravnica you have been invited to Kilvas for festivites regarding the Prince's birthday. A venue in which practitioners of martial arts combat of all skill levels can participate in sparring matches for various prizes and such. Drinks and food are provided. While the main celebration is slated for tuesday the party will actually continue until the end of the weekend because Druggie wouldn't organize a party that stops at a reasonable time. So drink, eat, dance, and get in a fair fight or three. Bring all your friends too since they could probably stand to get out more the lazy fuckers.

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File: 1507070140410.jpg -(105.1 KiB, 719x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Reports/Rumors are coming in that a sea dwelling race off the coast of Aberdeen as of late
Some claim their friends have been abducted or that items have been stolen off boats. However nothing obvious has emerged, if there is a race down there, they are being quiet about it.

(I may setup something for people to encounter in time, setting the stage/intention)

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Advertisements for a halloween event at the ghost Pokemon have been appearing around Aurora, all welcome! In addition to what you'd expect from a party, the gym will be open up for it's atmosphere and ghost pokemon for a few tricks with a good number of treats in store too.

Mikos in the gym will be around for interaction and helping guests as well as the leader herself.

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File: 1522628566559.png -(1.8 MiB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

A new and strange computer virus is starting to spread around the high tech in and around Aurora, especially in gaming related hardware. It doesn't exactly harm the machine or steal information but acts as a visual nuisance that blocks up and distorts the screen. However that's the least problematic effect it has.

This virus is also an actual sickness, it can pierce the digital veil and spread into others making them gain fevers, chills, and other ill-effects. Even Monsters would gain a head cold from it for a couple of days due to it's effects. Once the virus has run it's course through a person's body, a weaker being might die, but a monster made of a mass of digital energy will also generate forth and rampage. As they don't have any real sentience they don't seem partial to actually changing into Monster Girls.

These monsters, luckily, are almost a non-threat despite this and are susceptible to "healing" based magics or "light" element abilities- White Mana, White Magic, Healing Ninjutsu, it'll have an effect on getting rid of them. Alternatively video, game, or tech based abilities also work despite that niche pool.

The origin of this virus is unknown and seems to have come out of nowhere much like anything else that gets pulled into the Aurora Verse.

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