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Right so I need a place to write down all my ideas relating to this idea/plot thing I've had kicking around my head since forever. So I figured I'd put it here and anyone could leave feedback/additions to this thing.

I feel that aside of whats outlined below, the Blame lore is mallable enough for me to make some adjustments and take creative liberties with the setting as to better intergrate it with the RP.

the general mood I want to create is oppressive, mysterious, cyberpunk, bizarre. for that I will be using pics from artists like Nihei himself, HR Giger, Beksinski and some IRL stuff that I find.

In the world of Blame there is a ever expanding dyson sphere called The City. Maintained and forever expanded by machines called The Builders, the City is basically an endless collection of strange corridors and rooms.

Humanity in this world still exists, but its scattered within the vast confines of The City and hunted by the system governing it. The hows and why of that are rumors and legends, but its said that a lone human is looking for people with the potential to reprogram the system and give mankind mastery of The City. This part is just fluff meant for worldbuilding, it won't be tackled in the event itself since its the plot of Blame and redoing a manga in the rp seems a little pointless.

Factions: Humans
The techno nomads are a group of traveling humans, an offshoot of the Electrofishers(Or so it appears, the lore isn't quite clear on that. They wear the same or similar enough gear). They wear suits that augment their strength and endurance.

How this is gonna work
I had Aska working on a small intergalactic AM radio in my last session with her. The idea is for her/one of my other characters to fix the radio, which would then start to receive a couple of strange messages on loop (think number stations). These would eventually turn out to be deep deep DEEEEEP space coordinates that lead to a docking station in a chunk of The City. Like, it would have grown so vast that it broke through dimensions.

Once inside the city, the characters would be depowered to the strength of regular humans (As a matter of balancing. It would ruin the mood to have super powerful monsters rampaging through the city I feel) and would be met by a band of Technomads. They've set up a small home at the docking station that would fulfill the role of a starter town. Shops, lore, teachers etc.

At one end of the docking station would be a wall of nothing but elevators that go into random parts of The City (The City would shift like in Let It Die to simulate that the Builders are constantly rebuilding it). The characters would take the elevators and then I'd play the role of a DM as they explore the floor they're deposited onto.

There would be no interaction with the big names from the manga like Killy or Cibo. However smaller sidecharacters might show up as cameos, or you might even catch a glimpse of Killy at some point.

To be honest I have no clue at the moment. That's something I need to figure out. The proper motivation aside from exploration.

Uncategorized mumblings
At some point the PC's would reach a point where they could lock certain elevators to floors. These floors would serve as hubs for more dangerous areas. Possibly huge habitational areas like the ones seen in the first Volume of Blame where Killy travelled together with a Transporter.

There's gonna be more added to this, but I'm kinda busy with IRL stuff at the moment. Just felt I needed to write this down before I forgot about it.

Last edited 17/08/09(Wed)06:03.

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File: 1502731842641.png -(485.2 KiB, 652x1052) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

An idea that popped up for pics gathering, namely using EYE Divine Cybermancy.

Which then transformed into jamming some elements from that into the City. I always enjoy massive crossovers.

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