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I'm expecting some negative backlash for this thread; maybe I won't get anyone's attention with it at all, but I kind of feel like it's something that needs to be said.
Because there is a problem with it, and I'd like for the community to work on it.

Fishing is a staple tradition of the RP. It's part of the basic foundation and it's still used to this day to train new members whenever we get them.

So why is it then, that some people like myself, can fish dozens of times a week and be lucky if we make it through with even one or two sessions without having to bother people.

I've been told that some people have quit the RP because they can't get fishes answered. Some new people didn't last long and I don't remember who they were because they came and went like the wind. Recruitment went down the drain eventually, and our numbers have ceased growing as much as they used to.
Most people seem to prefer planned sessions and plots.

That's not a bad thing, and I'm not saying it is. But I am saying that neglecting Fishes, or not making many yourself, can add to the problem at hand. It's demoralizing and it tends only to fuel negative emotions which in turn affects peoples' attitudes.

So it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy in that newer members risk being neglected and then quitting. And even current members who have trouble staying involved may leave.

The RP will inevitably die down and we'll all go our separate ways, but is that the note we wanna leave on? I know I don't.

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Because CERTAIN PEOPLE can't take a hint and hold up the board literally all day with THEIR half assed attempts that give nothing for even new people who might actually get THEIR fish to work off of and respond to, while also putting up a picture that's just a random 4chan reaction that kills people's immersions if they were reading other sessions and getting in the mood to post. Personally. You know who you are.

Outside of that salt though all I can really think is people not knowing how to engage a fish, I know I don't respond to yours as much as I used to because either A) I felt down about my own fish not being got even though I know I could be more engaging with them, B) I got them a lot and I felt like someone else should have a turn before I end up just posting to a specific clique but that's already happened it feels like sometimes, or C) I just didn't know honestly what to approach with. That's probably also made new people feel awkward about trying to get fishes that are full of potential. I think that's what makes planned sessions preferable cause you know what's going on, people like having a clear road of what they're doing with their character without potential drive by comments by a god character or something.

I have other theories about why recruiting has just stopped but I'll not sidetrack this.

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Recruiting stopped because the only person who actively recruited people was Mari. She can't do everything on her own though.

Anyway, this thread isn't about me either. I appreciate the acknowledgment but my train of thought stems mostly from the idea of everyone being a community.

We all started somewhere, after all. And while it may be difficult, it's not at all impossible to engage others. I'm trying to be optimistic about it.

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I've had this issue for a very long time. In fact, it's the leading cause as to why I next to never post anymore outside of other reasons being trying to get my life out of the shitter.

I used to post frequently, and I used to come to the site rather frequently back when fishes were a bigger thing mainly because it offered up far more opportunity to have things happen. and it didn't feel nearly as restricting and invasive. Now? There's nothing. You have to go bother someone else who may or may not be busy, or may not even want to post and ask them to post. In theory, it works because it guarantees the session will have thought. But in practice, it creates a feeling of exclusion to anyone not involved, or unable to get involved in that kind of thing.

I feel like there's no such thing as spontaneity anymore. Everything is staged, and everything is exclusive. That's not how normal interactions really work. Your characters aren't just gonna keep running into specific people all the time. As a community of people, they're GOING to run into random people, and that's just fine. It has the chance of creating something big, something that couldn't happen were it forced or planned. But now it's dissolved into a clique based RP once again, which doesn't look even the least bit welcoming to people just coming in, or fuck, even people who have been here for a while.

All I'm saying is, people have left or have given up. Hell, were it not for Jett, I would have given up too. But that's the issue we need to fix. We can't be exclusive about something as big as character interaction. It's just not fair.

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File: 1465693614267.png -(1.7 MiB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I have little to add that wasn't already said.

All I can do is reinforce that only having a select few people answer fish really sucks. It's not like I don't like the people answering, but like was already said, I'm not here to just post at one or two people...

Man I can barely even make planned shit happen anymore, but I can only imagine that's because my list isn't appealing.

And TC, as one of the people that occasionally make half-assed fish, I've stopped putting extra effort in since they only get ignored anyways. Also I use a non-RP image to make sure it stands out enough to get seen. I know a lot of the times people have just straight missed the fact that a fish is out. Or so they say, at least. I'm not so sure I believe that anymore.

I've tried grabbing a few fish recently in an attempt to help, but I doubt I'll manage anything alone.

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File: 1465697666640.jpg -(65.2 KiB, 480x169) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I try to throw out fishes, or reply to fishes, when I can but quite honestly, I don't have time nor...Stamina I suppose? To do nearly as many session per day as I used to. So inevitably I end up doing planned sessions with people that have been sitting on the backburner and by the time I have shit worked out, I just don't have enough room left for fishes.

It doesn't help that I get a lot of specific ideas for doing stuff in RP and when I do I tend to go to people about them as opposed to sitting and waiting to see if they will fish or whatever (Of course so very people actually fish anymore, so yeah).

I think there needs to be more communication between players and people going to others with ideas, because I will say here that it often feels like I'M always the one going to others with session and plot ideas. Which I know isn't entirely true, sometimes Mari and occasionally a few others comes to me with stuff, but it sure feels like it.

Yeah, I know that I haven't actually addressed the issue with fishes these days in this post, but I think what I said is a pretty big problem as well that is sort of related and could be talked about as well.

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File: 1465791643222.jpg -(11.5 KiB, 239x249) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Now that a few days have passed and a couple more people have made some posts, I want to say this as well.

This thread's purpose wasn't to judge people or put anyone on the spotlight for their habits or preferences. Like I said before, I'm not condemning planned sessions at all.

Actually, I was hoping some specific people would see this and come to a realization: they're not the only ones who feel the way they do.

The solution to fixing the issue with fishing is that the people who all feel so insecure about it need to first realize that they aren't alone, no one hates them outright, and they have some common ground upon which to build with others.

That said, I have something in common with Varnock.
I used to put a lot of effort into fishing. It still makes me giddy if I get motivated to try and do a particular idea. And you can't always just go to other people with ideas because it's no different from fishing and sometimes you don't know if people will even pay attention or humor you; i've been outright ignored by some before.
Older members will remember the days when my fishes took up several posts just because of how much I went into detail on what was happening. Writing is fun, it's enjoyable. But eventually you reach a point where all of that effort and motivation is for naught. It feels downright horrible for a big idea to come to life in your mind, but go nowhere when you post it to the board.

So over time, I stopped posting big fish. Occasionally I still do. But for the moment, I try to trim it down and generalize things. And if I'm feeling particularly desperate for activity I'll just post porn as the Fish image. THAT gets peoples' attention. People stop scrolling to take their dicks out if they see something they like, and I tend to hope that they stay to see what the fish is about if they do.

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File: 1466379155000.jpg -(510.0 KiB, 695x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Alright, I have had time to calm down and really look at my last post. It was an emotional trainwreck and a lot of points I attempted to make were covered in steaming monkey shit. Let's fix that somehow.

Fishing has been an interesting issue with myself and a lot of other people. There are moments where you can go almost a week of being "ignored" or fished over to suddenly have that one day where you're reeling in the whole school and motherfucking jaws himself with a fun session that couldn't have been planned out beforehand. Thinking about it, there's not much I can say that will overshaow what I say in my second paragraph, I feel like those points are more important to look at. No chimp out here.

In my original post, I seemed to be sending out the wrong vibe. I am against the whole "down with fishing" mentality because despite the problems that come with it on nights, it's a staple of this community. It's something we teach new players because how the hell are they going to get anything done if the main ice breaker is seen as an old tired tactic to some folks? If we only teach them to plan fishes, how will they interact properly with the community? I really don't want something that's second nature to me and a lot of old members fizzle out. That's all I know when it comes to starting something on the fly and I've been here for years. Great things have happened from fishing and answering them. Unforuntately for a while I got caught up in the negativty that surrounded it. For a while it was deemed a non issue at the time due to the difficulty of actually "fixing" something that didn't seem broken. Sometimes blame was placed on the player for not putting effort into their fishes. That used to get under my skin a lot because there wasn't really a set line on what counted as effort in some people's eyes. You give them too much to take in and people feel intimidated and indecisive. Give them too little and there's indecisiveness based on nothing to work with. People can also be pretty selective with certain other people and ideas, and most don't have the patience to wait as long when they throw it out. I'm guilty of this because I'm not as patient as I make out to be. When I fish, I see that as an escape from League and Overwatch because despite one of those games being tons of fun (gee I wonder which one), I don't want to play it all day because I felt like nobody wanted to post and interact with me. When the fish DOES get bitten in whatever time it took, either the player fishing will get demoralized by a "half-assed" reply after waiting a gorillion years and countless refishing to nab one, or stuck between a rock in a hard place from a bite that wasn't on a prefered scenario setting up an interaction that may or may not clash with a comfort zone. Nobody wants to piss off the other person which is completely understandable but sometimes that feels unavoidable.

Reading everything in this thread, I've probably not touched down on anything new except for a few harsh points. Fact of the matter is, myself and everyone involved should put more of an effort to keep this method alive and well because in the end we will end up using it when planning everything gets old. Somtimes the old flint and steel is all you need to spark up something when the propane tank runs low. Don't take it for granted please.

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File: 1468534454610.jpg -(58.9 KiB, 886x545) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I've recently started giving fishing more of a shot lately. Because I've been feeling like if I did, I could get more stuff going and seeing where that leads. However, most of the time I see others fish and have to practically beg in the chat for someone to give a damn. Personally I don't do that, I mention that I fished and then a reminder and that's basically it. Just once, and just be patient. But honestly I fish expecting it to go ignored. Because that's just what happens nowadays. More often than not. I've been really trying lately. Maybe it'll get better. And hopefully my attitude towards fishing in general improves too.

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