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File: 1455644339000.jpg -(1010.5 KiB, 2940x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Right so, we have this problem here, see?

This thread.

This is the map thread. A staple of the RP in that it's supposed to represent our setting. In some ways, it's the biggest representation of our setting and the physical changes made to it.

But it hasn't been updated in fucking forever. I'd love to do it myself, but I'm shit at anything that has to do with image editing. But I strongly believe we need to have a somewhat consistent map. Even if it's only updated monthly or something.

The problem is that every artist who's taken on the job of renovating the map seems to wander off eventually and the whole thread dies. We have several unfinished maps in that thread. There's the city/Town map that was being handled by Sticks. The world map that, as far as I know, was being handled by Noko/Navy. There's a concept map for the ADF/Replicant military base that was never full added to either of the other two maps.

And it's been months since any of them have had any kind of real activity in the editing department.

So I'd like for everyone to pull together and see if we can't get this sorted out.

Last edited 16/02/16(Tue)12:38.

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Personally, I think we should start off by figuring out who is good with MSPaint/Photoshop, and get multiple people on the job. Like a persistent responsibility. I don't care if it's a weekly update or a monthly update, but anything is better than nothing.

Plus, if the base file of the map is shared between people, it'll be easier to keep the map consistent instead of having to reinvent it every time the artist goes MIA.

And while we're at it, we may as well brainstorm ideas for how to handle the town map as well.

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File: 1455650402601.png -(147.6 KiB, 300x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I remember having a discussion about the maps with Mari a few months back, mostly because how important these kinds of things really are for the idea of "getting new people to start posting". Especially considering how when I first tried posting and tried using the map for reference, nobody knew what the fuck I was talking about.

But yeah, we need somebody to constantly work on it from time to time. I mean, I can do it since I literally haven't worked a day since December and haven't gotten any replies about working since then, so I have time. But I'm not exactly all that great at dicking around on MSPaint, so it'll most likely look like shit if I work on maps. And even if I become the one that messes around with making the maps, I'm not exactly sure about the layout of anything.

Which is another thing we'll need to figure out, the exact layout of the town(s), the continent, and what is still around/still relevant. The old town map is so outdated and I'm pretty sure Aurora has expanded massively since then, and the continent map needs a major update with locations needing to be added and such.

I can do it, just want to say I'd like to be the last choice for doing so.

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I was actually thinking of this stuff for my military town thing as well. In the end I was just going to either draw it by hand or in MS Paint... but thats more out of necessity than anything else.

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tl;dr: I'm a massive faggot for maps, world building potential, and possible plots because I write a lot. But in general, we need a map thread revamp. We can keep the old map thread around for references to the past, but I say we should have another map thread once we get this shit figured out.

Yeah, but we kinda NEED a revamp of the current town and continent map. The map for your military town can also be done in this idea for a well-needed map revamp.

Because all I can see, we only have 2 maps right now. Aurora and its continent, both of which are pretty dated. But there are many more places and maps that can be done. Examples being town maps, continent, and lastly world map.

I mean my thoughts are more or less based around this idea that a lot of sessions are held in more common areas because there's nothing to work with about others. Like, don't we have an entire other continent, an island in the sky, a school city, that city MB came up with, and a whole bunch of other places? But of course, I only look at the board every once in a while so I'm fucking oblivious to what locations are being used and I don't exactly look at other people's sessions.

Maps are very important for the idea of world building and potential plot advancement. Having more maps available and a wider range of info about areas may also spark interest in people to do something with said areas.

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File: 1456122463906.jpg -(37.5 KiB, 332x345) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

There are four maps.
There's an original "world map" which includes both of the original continents for the world.
It was later split in two and we used the left-half of it for Aurora, and the other half is mostly home to native creatures and dragons and shit.
Then we have the Aurora town map which probably hasn't been updated in well over a year and by now the city itself has grown from a town to an empire, so mapping that out might be a pain in the ass, but we might be able to work something out.

I have a military map that needs to be added to account for the Replicants and ADF barracks and HQs.

There have been many many many more locations in the RP.
Kilvas, The Dark Elves' mountain range, The Kingdom of Jin, Azteca, Mikoto City, a swamp village, Matoya (an elven city), then there's an Elven capital that was added later on and much deeper into the big foresty area. There's a traveling band of Centaurs to the south and TC's furry people set up camps everywhere.
We have an entire forest made of crystals, which is the point of origin for the Sky Island (it's a tiny continent in its own right at this point though).

There was a race of Lizard folk, and some Mountain villages for the Yeti race before they joined Aurora as well.

And I also believe that before the map was abandoned, we had many random dungeons and landmarks placed around the map for the community to do what they pleased with.

Also there are minecraft creepers in the RP, but that's not so much relevant to the geographical context as much as its relevant to the point that there's plenty to do if people look a little deeper.

There are some other locations as well that aren't on any of the maps at all, and that includes the frozen continent that Lupul built his castle, wherever Razu's castle is, the ruined space colonies still in orbit, and a possible Caribbean island chain/continent that was discussed briefly but never officially introduced.
(The people involved at first eventually lost interest before I could get to it.)

I hope that clears some stuff up, or hopefully gives you some ideas.
Or someone else. As long as it helps really.

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File: 1456126515813.jpg -(94.0 KiB, 482x565) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Well for one thing, with Aurora town map at least, there could be one "zoomed out" perspective map that highlights various "Districts" and stuff along with major landmarks being marked on it, this would be the simplest way to give a general idea of the layout of the town and it's major landmarks.

The "District" maps would be, of course, the "zoomed in" perspective of the various districts that were highlighted. These maps would be more complex as they'd show the various buildings, shops, and services inside that little sector. Obviously more work would have to be put into these.

Now for the somewhat problem of there being many, many locations. My suggestion would be to make/work on maps based on priority/popularity/whatever. Locations such as the Aurora Town Map and the continent would have much more attention put into keeping those updated. Lesser used areas would have their maps worked on less often, but can be moved up on the priority list based on request or any drastic changes done to them.

Of course, we can also choose to not even provide maps for areas a good amount of people don't even use normally or even rarely. These locations can still be marked on the continent/map/whatever as long as they're still around and weren't nuked off the face of the planet or something. Maps for said areas can be made if enough people would find them relevant or if its map would become important for some reason.

But yeah, the same idea of priority can be done other places such as other continents, a more expansive World Map, and other stuff I can't really think of right now. Those can be updated when requested, drastic changes occur, areas becomes popular, or becomes necessary to have. This way, when we do a map revamp, we can start off working on the major ones first and work out way down from there.

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The Mountain Fortess, Ribbon Camp, the former Angel city and the current demon kingdom are also locations I need to think about adding.

>> No.6743   [Delete]   [Edit]


>figuring out who is good with MSPaint/Photoshop

Why support these rather than use GIMP? It's not like it's exotic by now.

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I've never personally used it and it reminds me of large bald muscular bound men in leather suits.

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