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I've got to head off to work soon, but I just thought of this while in the shower, so I want to put it down before I forget after a day of labor and toil.
Anyway, I suddenly realized that despite our current world being a fantasy setting with a supposedly decent level of magic, we haven't actually fleshed out WHAT that magic is like. At least not to my knowledge. So, I've decided to make this thread to help define what kinds of magic are native to this world, starting with a few I've developed for my races.

Your basic run of the mill magic. Drawing on normally dormant and inert energies existing in the air and environment, arcane practitioners gather it together and using specific chants and incantations shape them into the spell desired. It is very scientific and predictable in nature, if you successfully cast Spell A it is always going to be Spell A and will never change into Spell B at random.
It is also safe, as stated before the energies involved are normally inert, and if you mess up a spell the energy you gathered simply dissipates back into the environment.
The downsides to Arcane magic are essentially its strengths...As safe and predictable as it is, it doesn't leave much room for on the fly creativity. In order to develop a new spell, you need to spend lots of time studying and toying with formulas and incantations to see what combinations do what, if anything at all. It is also fairly easy to counter, if an enemy Arcane caster knows the kind of spell you are casting, they can whip up a counterspell in order to disrupt your incantation and fizzle the spell.

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An old and powerful branch of magic, essentially as old as the world itself. Drawing on the four Prime and four Sub elements of the planet, an elementalist shapes these raw and primal energies into a desired form and/or effect using their own creativity and pure willpower.
Mechanically, this branch of magic is the polar opposite of Arcane magic. While an Arcane spell will always be the same no matter who casts it, Elemental magic is completely dependent on the individual and has no set spells or incantations. Because of this, it is hard to teach anything beyond the basics to someone. Only personal experience can teach an Elementalist.
But as to be expected, this also makes it dangerous and sometimes unpredictable. You aren't just handling dormant and shapeless energies like with Arcane magic, you are toying with the very stuff of creation. If you fail what was going to be a Fire spell for example, instead of dissipating the energies will take on a form by themselves. Most likely catching YOU in the effect since you were the one gathering it up.

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And that is it for now. Tell me what you guys think and post any ideas of your own. I'll be back later to answer any questions you might have.

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I'm gonna lay down a few criticisms or questions I have, but then I'm going to add my thoughts and ideas.
First, I think you're wrong about something here. And that's the arcane magic is always a chant or incantation. I think arcane magic can be used by physical motions in a lot of canons. Just not D&D. In lots of things, a person has a specific fire attack, but has to do a motion or something to summon it. As much as I loathe Naruto, this is a good example, I think. I'm just saying that there's one way to skin a bear. Just a suggestion.
This is just like bending from the Avatar. Thus, I think it'd be nice if people had to be born with the ability or something, since it'd be a little bothersome if everyone could do this, and since lots of races on the planet don't have magic, like the centaurs and lizards(?), it'd probably force them to have some elementalism magic users in their race, which is bad, since we don't wanna force that stuff.


As we know, Wiccans use illusions. Nearly perfect illusions, if the victim has no magical experience or knows nothing about "reality" and the way stuff might work, i.e., knowing that if you're dreaming, a clock won't move in a timely, interval fashion. The Wiccans have no doubt taught at least a few people a couple basic things, so I'd say it's fine for people to know some reaaaaally basic illusion magic.

I think the planet likely has many "spirits" of the elements and thus would have nature spirits and gods and stuff. Studying those things usually leads people in some canons to develop. This isn't something people can "learn", spirits that is, but it's magic that probably exists on the planet, and would provide for how elementalism might have come to be :3

Ask Noko for specifics, but like the Wiccans, the Panther people that live in the swamp practice Rituals as their magic choice. As with illusions, I'm sure that the Wiccans have told a little bit about their magic to other races, and it's probably been studied from there.

to be specific, the illusions and rituals developed by any other races should be simpler and if possible, a bit different in specifics, than the Wiccans' magic is, since no science is ever developed the EXACT same way in two different cases. In fact, teaching people the basics of messing with people's BRAINS and perception using magic might even lead to the study and development of completely different magic.....

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