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Hello everyone, I'm Misaki and I'll be taking over as the new admin and watcher of the debate board!

I deleted a lot of the older and unnecessary threads, and I've decided to add more information, rules, and guidelines for this board!

1. I would really appreciate it if dirty material was kept on the other boards, so please do not post anything pornographic, or anything depicting gore.

2. Debate isn't all about being completely serious. Serious topics and discussions are well appreciated, and I hope everyone can determine when it's appropriate not to be.

Debate can also be fun, so I don't mind if we have a few silly threads if it means everyone enjoys the topic. But make sure it's at least appropriate.

3: As well as making sure all topics are appropriate, please keep them positive and friendly as well. I really don't like seeing people fight, and everyone should be as civil as possible.

4: I like that this board could be used for advice. It promotes a friendly atmosphere, so please don't be afraid to ask if you need any!

5: If you have an objection to a topic, opinion, or idea, please try to be open-minded, and respond with your own ideas and input if necessary to help further the discussion. Opinion versus opinion can only go so far, and some discussions cannot progress if you don't present a reason for your opposition and what you think would be a solution.
Community-related topics cannot be discussed properly without everyone's input. So please do your best to politely comply!

6: I've seen this happen a lot when I was reading the threads on this board. Please remember to take time and read what you've said or what you say if you get into a debate. Sometimes you may not realize it, but you could just be trying to win a debate for the sake of being right and that doesn't resolve a problem in the end. Remember, we're here to have fun or help others.

7: Please be sure to check /de/ and put your opinions and ideas into new threads concerning the community and future changes. I've noticed that a lot of these threads have become neglected. It does seem like it's a lot of work, but every opinion is valuable and I'll do my best to enforce that. If you don't give your opinions or ideas, things about the community could move in a direction you don't really appreciate, and that's not very fun. That's why if you see something you are against, please voice your opinion unless you truly aren't bothered by it.

Please, do your best to follow these rules!

As a little update, I'm going to delete more of these threads soon, but first I need to get the most important aspects of them to make an informative thread on /rpi/ for new and old people alike which I'm very sure will help. I'll update this when I'm done.

Thank you and I hope I get to see you all very soon in /rp/

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