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So this is an idea that ended up being kind of discussed in the IRC and I felt was a good idea to actually bring up.

One of the things that always kind of bothered me was that we have the wilderness and we have a ton of monsters and stuff that should be within our world but nobody ever seems to bump into them. There's no danger in the wilderness, no reason why people would worry about leaving the city unprotected and it just seemed kind of... unusual.

So, with that in mind, why not change it? For example, if someone was to post a fish in the forest, for example, why not have them attacked by one of the monsters within it? It seems like it could make things a little interesting, and honestly I'd quite enjoy sending my characters out there and seeing something like that happen.

Or a further idea that I absolutely love the idea of, why not have hostile races? For example, have a race of orcs that sends out raiding parties and stuff like that occasionally, that your characters might run into if they leave the city. I think it just allows for the world to seem a little more alive, especially since we have all these NPC races but they don't seem to do anything but keep to themselves.

I'd have just gone and done this kind of thing myself but it doesn't work well with one person doing it, and I wouldn't want to do it without knowing that people are alright with the idea. So what do you guys think?

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Ignoring magic, the greatest demon in the world would be just as easy to hit as the weakest without the demon acting to evade the hit or just moving in general. This is where the person roleplaying the demon comes in, and I don't think there should ever be a point where they can't go "nah actually, imma take this hit and do this".

And then what decides whether it hits or not? Unless we have people write stat sheets for all our characters and detail everything, the only way that it isn't still the opponent dictating completely with no restrictions is to have opposing dice rolls. So that would require the opponent to roll first then make their post.

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File: 1368486277023.gif -(425.9 KiB, 250x232) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You're right that it's not as much of a "miss" as a "dodge" on the part of the other player, but there are a lot of really vague factors when it comes to a RP fight. Especially because we're pitting characters against each other who are from completely different canons, whether Character A's Super Lightning Fast Dodge is fast enough for Character B's Super Lightning Fast Attack is something that is either going to be a) extremely obvious (Kagami vs. The Flash) or b) extremely hard to decide (two characters who are really really fast in their own canons but have no real way to compare to each other). This also becomes an issue when one character with vague strength/power wants to break a barrier with vague strength/power. Instead of letting personal feelings get involved, you could just set a certain "difficulty" like D&D does and see if the other character surpasses it with their roll.

Having a dice roll helps with that because, if you choose to use it, you have a way that is at least a bit more concrete than either flipping a coin or basing the result on personal desires.

I wouldn't force dice rolls on two consenting RPers who wanted to take their battle in a specific direction for dramatic effect or whatever, but it would be nice to have one in place for those who want to use it.

>>And then you edited before I made my post
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File: 1368486813734.jpg -(54.5 KiB, 500x330) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I've been reading through this entire convo, so I'm gonna go ahead and throw out my opinion on the matter.
Some people already use dice rolls and coin flips to decide things in RP now and then for the fun of it, so I see no problem with working to build a more structured version of that.
However, the key point is FOR THE FUN OF IT. We shouldn't try to FORCE dice rolls onto people if they feel it will restrict their experiences too much, just have it as an option to spice things up a little.

Last edited 13/05/13(Mon)19:13.

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I don't disagree with that, the problem is that if you implement a dice roll without forcing it you end up with a split in the community where one side chooses to rp with dice rolls and the other chooses not to. The problem with this is that it confuses the hell out of new members, and generally divides the community when they engage in stuff like this.

Personally I don't feel that setting a difficulty like D&D does is a good way to rp in this setting. D&D works because, for the most part, things are balanced in a certain way and there are a lot of limits in what the characters can actually do. Because of this, it's easy to set difficulties and stuff like that. When you take that to a world like this though, where everything comes from its own established canon, things are extremely difficult to compare and relate to each other and, quite honestly, most of these established canons never really put anything out to allow us to quantify how powerful something is.

So basically, while I feel this kind of system works when everything is made to fit within it, I don't exactly feel like imposing a system like that on a pre-existing rp with as many variables as this one has is a good move.

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File: 1368515498316.png -(1.1 MiB, 800x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Clearly the only solution is to use Exalted to stat the RP out. It's the only system crazy enough to handle it.

Also the dice thing should probably be made its own thread rather than drowning out the original point; about random encounters.

Last edited 13/05/14(Tue)03:11.

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File: 1368522522677.png -(18.3 KiB, 678x472) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm going to point you to this, >>5995, specifically the point where I replied to Glint.

Basically, rolling dice is fine if used to predict an outcome you can't decide or are too lazy to make a final decision, or whatever. But using it as a crutch because you don't want to deal with your RP is not okay. Dealing with your RP entails speaking to the other person, taking control of your character, thinking of possible outcomes yourself, thinking what your character would do, the works.

Dice rolling is fine, but only if used right. It isn't a crutch to be able to just say the dice did it and let a random number generator take hold of your session.

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File: 1368550599038.png -(313.4 KiB, 500x691) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This is true. I haven't ever meant to imply that we should force the entire RP to use dice rolling. If it sounded like that's what I was saying, I'm sorry. I can be bad at wording things sometimes.

Mostly, I think there are certain members who would want you to roll a die for certain things if you fight THEM, however. Like, I would want anyone who RP fights with me to roll something now and again. Not for everything, either, since, as Yuri has pointed out, it's not really necessary for a lot of other things.

Also, as an example of what Noko's saying... Sonic vs. The Flash. These are two characters that, if they had to race or fight in the RP, it'd be very hard to compare their various speeds. With dice, though, we could talk it out OoCly and then decide what to do from there. And without dice, you could do the same, but... in my experience that can turn into a blown out argument that's unnecessary and unpleasant for both parties. I argued with a certain member about the speed of one of their characters once. The issue was that I'd seen the movie just like they had and completely disagreed with the speed they asserted the character could move at. In the end, we plotholed the session after almost an hour of arguing and getting several others involved. It was messy, and I feel like it didn't have to be, if we could've just decided to roll some dice to decide outside factors that could influence things, like not tripping, or dodging around obstacles or something.

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I've got to head off to work soon, but I just thought of this while in the shower, so I want to put it down before I forget after a day of labor and toil.
Anyway, I suddenly realized that despite our current world being a fantasy setting with a supposedly decent level of magic, we haven't actually fleshed out WHAT that magic is like. At least not to my knowledge. So, I've decided to make this thread to help define what kinds of magic are native to this world, starting with a few I've developed for my races.

Your basic run of the mill magic. Drawing on normally dormant and inert energies existing in the air and environment, arcane practitioners gather it together and using specific chants and incantations shape them into the spell desired. It is very scientific and predictable in nature, if you successfully cast Spell A it is always going to be Spell A and will never change into Spell B at random.
It is also safe, as stated before the energies involved are normally inert, and if you mess up a spell the energy you gathered simply dissipates back into the environment.
The downsides to Arcane magic are essentially its strengths...As safe and predictable as it is, it doesn't leave much room for on the fly creativity. In order to develop a new spell, you need to spend lots of time studying and toying with formulas and incantations to see what combinations do what, if anything at all. It is also fairly easy to counter, if an enemy Arcane caster knows the kind of spell you are casting, they can whip up a counterspell in order to disrupt your incantation and fizzle the spell.

Last edited 12/12/11(Tue)12:59.

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File: 1355249482962.jpg -(168.2 KiB, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

An old and powerful branch of magic, essentially as old as the world itself. Drawing on the four Prime and four Sub elements of the planet, an elementalist shapes these raw and primal energies into a desired form and/or effect using their own creativity and pure willpower.
Mechanically, this branch of magic is the polar opposite of Arcane magic. While an Arcane spell will always be the same no matter who casts it, Elemental magic is completely dependent on the individual and has no set spells or incantations. Because of this, it is hard to teach anything beyond the basics to someone. Only personal experience can teach an Elementalist.
But as to be expected, this also makes it dangerous and sometimes unpredictable. You aren't just handling dormant and shapeless energies like with Arcane magic, you are toying with the very stuff of creation. If you fail what was going to be a Fire spell for example, instead of dissipating the energies will take on a form by themselves. Most likely catching YOU in the effect since you were the one gathering it up.

Last edited 12/12/11(Tue)13:11.

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File: 1355249676822.jpg -(66.7 KiB, 408x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

And that is it for now. Tell me what you guys think and post any ideas of your own. I'll be back later to answer any questions you might have.

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File: 1355270273224.jpg -(23.1 KiB, 300x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm gonna lay down a few criticisms or questions I have, but then I'm going to add my thoughts and ideas.
First, I think you're wrong about something here. And that's the arcane magic is always a chant or incantation. I think arcane magic can be used by physical motions in a lot of canons. Just not D&D. In lots of things, a person has a specific fire attack, but has to do a motion or something to summon it. As much as I loathe Naruto, this is a good example, I think. I'm just saying that there's one way to skin a bear. Just a suggestion.
This is just like bending from the Avatar. Thus, I think it'd be nice if people had to be born with the ability or something, since it'd be a little bothersome if everyone could do this, and since lots of races on the planet don't have magic, like the centaurs and lizards(?), it'd probably force them to have some elementalism magic users in their race, which is bad, since we don't wanna force that stuff.


As we know, Wiccans use illusions. Nearly perfect illusions, if the victim has no magical experience or knows nothing about "reality" and the way stuff might work, i.e., knowing that if you're dreaming, a clock won't move in a timely, interval fashion. The Wiccans have no doubt taught at least a few people a couple basic things, so I'd say it's fine for people to know some reaaaaally basic illusion magic.

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