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File: 1444188339492.jpg -(405.5 KiB, 1440x940) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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So there haven't been too many adventurers scouting the world as of now, and kinda feel we could use a little push in regards to exploration.
Of course, that all depends if people here have any intention on exploring or prefer remaining in one setting.
That is what this thread is for. Suggesting specific expeditions, groups for adventuring out into the unknown, and all of the like. Hopefully we can start spreading out through either this world or maybe Erythia's world. Either one works really.

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File: 1444208684291.jpg -(11.8 KiB, 286x176) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I might be able to help with that. Right now I'm gathering people to set up a small military based town/An Outer Heaven somewhere on the continent that Aurora is also on, or maybe even a different one. This town/base could also be used as a base that helps arm/support adventurers and explorers willing to seek out new things, if people are interested. People would get together there to create parties, set up adventuring guilds and use the town as a base camp from which they'd launch explorations.

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I myself had a few ideas on the table.
Was hoping to make Zelda's kingdom a world hub for adventurers. Have housing there that's a mixture of modern and primitive, armories, potion shops and weapon smiths ect. Maybe an enchanted item shop or two...have it's culture merge in with all the neighboring native kingdoms. That way there can be paths from New Hyrule to other towns.
Have that be the theme.
Of course, Aurora would be a problem in that regard. It's been the hub this whole time. And a damn powerful one at that. Still deciding on how I'll work around it.

Then there are the expedition ideas I have set up.

1: After Ganondorf is defeated, Tetra and crew will be hosting an expedition to the new world funded by Zelda. Was hoping to get a session done before this happens with someone but that someone hasn't really been around to post at all in the past few months. So might need to get that started sooner.

2: I was thinking of possibly bringing back an old OC. Him having been traveling around the continent this whole time then coming back to Aurora to open up a caravan service.

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File: 1444347990522.jpg -(307.8 KiB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I have a few that could join in/start new expeditions if they end up being a thing.

Also, what's up with the second continent? That's still a thing, right?

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File: 1444349704730.gif -(214.3 KiB, 500x264) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Shore is. It's the "new world" I was referring too in >>6706
I was originally going to have it happen after defeating Ganondorf but, rather than have Tetra and crew fight Ganny, me and another poster have characters that would take over.

So that means Tetra and crew are ready to go on an expedition whenever.

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File: 1444487014623.jpg -(12.4 KiB, 320x320) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Yeah it's still a thing, it's where I got the dragons all roosted for fun GM hell times. I highly expect myself to get off my ass once expeditions start ACTUALLY getting onto the way. And without the angels around on the new continent it's just me being hella asshole monster runner.
Sorry Lunk.

As for expeditions in general, Tetra's gonna be off exploring shit on her crew of natives, but it's a biggish ship so you know if anyone wants to sign on with her to go to the second continent or circumnavigate that'd be cool with me.

Just make it in the middle of a gulf as an artificial island. Maybe you can get Razu to summon you an oil tanker to build off of or something

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File: 1444625054730.jpg -(75.0 KiB, 516x691) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I kinda don't want to draw attention away from the second continent talk right now, but fuck it.


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File: 1444682358459.jpg -(26.4 KiB, 409x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

What's down there that'd be worth going to check it out?

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File: 1439432619457.jpg -(115.3 KiB, 600x761) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Okay so this is for the sake of helping me keep my thoughts organized as well as what I have and haven't already done, and what needs to be done as well. People who are a part of this, or want to be a part of this, may post and make requests/suggestions about adventures/quests that I come up with. I will be having a lot of time off soon, so I aim to try and get more done during that period of time.

So we had a crew go up to the islands and inhabit them. They've explored the area near their landing and discovered ancient Elven Ruins with magical crystals in them! Kokonoe is trying to unlock their secrets (of which I have already predetermined), and the rest of the crew has been setting up a base of operations and the beginning of a town (which I've decided to NPCly build up since it's been a while since this plot started and I need to keep it progressing).

The Town itself does not currently have a name. I'll probably come up with one ICly; things like that have more meaning if it's created within the context of the story or setting.

All we (I say we, but i mean you) know so far is that the island has a lot of history to it and extremely advanced technology and magic protecting what is left of the old inhabitants' ruined cities.

I intend to start doing some quests to explore the island more.

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>> No.6695   [Delete]   [Edit]

I plan to start adventures next; Kokonoe has been experimenting with the Crystal that the crew has found and has begun to unlock some of the secrets of the mysterious artifact.

Splitting the party into two, or three if players insist, I intend to first start with an exploration of one of the ruined cities.
I will be using ph34r to determine the outcome of events and the severity of any traps or monsters that are encountered.

I also intend to start a separate adventure going side by side with that one with the other half of the crew continuing to explore and map the island to determine which areas are or aren't safe. Terrain has not quite been decided, but I may stick with lush forests because I honestly can't think of anything else for the moment. (I'm open to suggestion)

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File: 1439433683171.jpg -(60.5 KiB, 700x988) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I don't have much to contribute right now except to say that it's good to see that you're getting back to this.
...Hmm, although if you're looking for other terrain ideas, how about having the center of the current island being mountainous in nature? I don't know how big you intend to have it be, but the island could be shaped like one huge mountain with different sections being divided by ranges and branches, with the general elevation becoming higher and higher the further you head inland.

Last edited 15/08/12(Wed)22:41.

>> No.6697   [Delete]   [Edit]

I do intend for some mountainous regions. I meant more along the lines of plains/marshes/etc. As for the size, well... I have no idea. It'd help if we had someone willing to help make a map for it. I'm shit at MSPaint :P

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File: 1335827022250.png -(333.5 KiB, 900x1166) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Enough people for me have agreed that there should be something like project management toward each race.

I suggest two people working together for each race to help move thins along. And I say two because I know that sometimes some of us begin to lose motivation or just don't have the time to work on these things as much as we'd like. Having someone else as a fall-back/partner will solve this problem.

Responsibilities include:

  • Managing all ideas brought forth toward each race.

This does not mean you have the authority to outright shoot things down. The objective is to make deciding between two good ideas easier. If it comes to it, flip a coin if you have to. It's a good tie breaker.

  • Keeping up both this and the other thread. As a manager, you are expected to regularly post on the other thread and contribute as much as possible.
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File: 1382577351094.jpg -(22.6 KiB, 400x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Seeing how my single entry had grown extremely huge I'm continuing here, and may simply split these next two posts between the real entry, for now however, the ranks of the Infernal Demons.

Infernal Demon Ranks
Infernal Demons are divided up into a complicated hierarchy that lay as a basis of their survival and as a side effect of the harsh environment on demon mentality and even their way of life. Infernal Demons have a high rate of genetic mutation as a side effect of inbreeding, uncontrolled magic, and the harmful environment. This has lead to the race having to divide itself by quality in order to function.

Imps are the lowest ranking Demon around and are usually seen as the servant class of the higher ranking demons. Most are barely sentient and most are kept under the control of a higher ranking demon simply for use as menial labour. These are by far the easiest to summon for a mage as if they have a stronger force of will they can force it under their power. There are also wild Imps which are Imps that are not, or yet, to be placed under the control of a more powerful being, these creatures are far more animal-like and blood thirsty, and most of little use than as demonic attack dogs. Ability wise Imps are brutish fighters who will claw, bite, and throw fire at whatever they see as a threat or as prey, complicated spells however are beyond most of them.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 1396969008104.jpg -(261.2 KiB, 789x1013) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I've been given permission to help flesh out Kilvas some. I'm focusing purely on the architecture and layout of the city, avoiding most of the other details since it's not my place to manage the race itself.

So with that in mind, this is my idea and what I envision when I think about Kilvas. And that's all it is. None of this is canon, and nor will I state ICly that any of this is an established fact unless Pronzy does so himself. It's his city, after all. But that said, here's what I've come up with to help him flesh it all out:

>> No.6527   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1396969152032.jpg -(171.3 KiB, 1024x888) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

To start with, let's do away with the European Styled buildings. In the context you've established, they borrow from the other civilizations for ideas on making their architecture. None of the other races have anything remotely close to being what you envision, but you do have an opportunity to be unique.

In >>4641 you established that their homes are made from wood and stone, and sometimes decorated with sea shells.
That's an idea there. Simple huts and homes made of simple materials, beautifully decorated with shells and coral.

Along the coastline, where all the docks are, let's say that all of those buildings are purely made of wood and maybe sand stone for visual effect; the sandstone would be a form of hard building material made from compacted sand mixed with a little bit of Mortar; giving the sandstone a greyish texture. But because of how it's made, it already has sea-shells embedded into it and makes the homes along the coast sparkle and reflect light during certain times of day or night.

Then we'll have the more modern slums, which carried on the look of the original huts as a decorative tradition. The framework of these buildings will be wooden logs and planks, the walls built with mortar and cobblestone. Window and door frames will have Sea Shells Embedded into them as decoration. The Oni who like to show off will choose the biggest or most colorful shells they can find to adorn their homes like trophies.

>> No.6528   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1396969341310.jpg -(532.2 KiB, 1024x921) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

From here, we'll focus on what you've said about borrowing styles from the other races. Let's be specific about this because when we get right down to it, there aren't a whole lot of 'styles' to choose from in a practical sense. What the Oni have so far is already pretty advanced and civilized (if we go with my suggestions so far)

The Lizards are primitive, the hamsters and the beastmen are nomads that live in tents. Wood Elves live in the forest where there's trees everywhere that they can use to their advantage (something that the Oni don't have. The Dark Elves kicked the Dwarves out of their mines and took over, living as an underground society of social outcasts. Their architecture would come in the form of Elven designs carved into Dwarven architecture (that's a mix already) which brings us to the the Dwarves themselves.
Being kicked out of their home, they had to make a new home out in the open. They'd have the most human setting out there. Using their own unique style from the mountain, it would have evolved to be a lot more different out in the open and I don't quite remember how Tsu described their town in the RP, but I believe that their skill in smithing and engineering greatly influenced how the town developed. I'm imagining something steampunky, but I won't make any definitive conclusions. If Tsukasa wants to, she can comment on it herself.

>> No.6529   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1396969472472.jpg -(147.1 KiB, 1024x442) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

With that in mind, the later buildings of Kilvas would take on a unique style. They're not great smiths, but what little they'd have seen of the other cultures could come into play as just decoration. The Mountain Elf architecture showing on the stone houses, and buildings that are made of metal taking on the modern dwarf styles.
We can say that these are the homes where the more high-profile Oni live. The richest, the strongest, etc.
I recommend the Oni's main market place mimicking the Hamster, Lizard, and Beastman tribes since the market stalls can be set up as various tents depending on the tastes of the Oni that run them.

And each of these places would have their own unique way of continuing the tradition of adding in decorative sea-shells. Perhaps in the way of Wind Chimes, or musical instruments (like horns and flutes).

And then we can say that, after a year or two of being in contact with Aurora, Azteca, and the Kingdom of Jin, the newest buildings adopt styles that the Oni have taken from there. Especially Aurora, since Satan has made deals to trade for technology.

>> No.6530   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1396969578000.jpg -(188.9 KiB, 640x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

What I envision after all of that would be the Palace. The Palace is a place that I don't personally know what to do with but the Icon given to Kilvas on the world map gave me an idea.
Perhaps in having some history with the Shalzen, or perhaps in their own battle with the Ancient War, what if a Sea Monster was slain and its carapace broken down and used to make the Oni palace?

Or, what if the Palace itself is still a monster that's just dormant and sleeping? The Throne of the Oni King being "He Who Sits Above the Beast" or something along those lines. The Ancient War is vague and not very fleshed out. We don't talk about it much, but if there's one thing that's for certain, it involved monsters.
In the end, whatever you want to do is up to you.
Pic very related!
I edited the funny turtle out to an image of the Demithor from White Knight Chromicles.
It's an entire city built on the back of a gigantic tortoise-like monster.

Last edited 14/04/08(Tue)11:06.

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File: 1399226036302.jpg -(109.0 KiB, 580x850) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

At Tsu's allowance I'm taking control of both Dwarves and Dragons.

There won't be much of an overhaul but there's be some noticeable changes at least with dragons.

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File: 1396980480563.jpg -(104.7 KiB, 800x554) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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So in bringing it up again on the Race Management thread, and in discussing it on IRC with Aside, I've decided to make this thread.

It has one simple purpose: to flesh out our Planet's backstory.

Initially, there wasn't a lot of discussion about this. It never went past a vague description in something I myself wrote, and it was generally accepted by the majority of the community at the time. But because of constant drama and debate about how to flesh out the races themselves, the planet's own backstory and history was left untouched and forgotten. This is partially why the second continent never got any love either, but that's besides the point.

Ignoring past drama, let's try to bring this to life againce since it's been given interest.

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>> No.6544   [Delete]   [Edit]


...Ahem. I just wanted to say that I actually wrote a little regarding the ancient past of RP's current world when I went and made some backstory for the ancient origins of the Lizardfolk.
You can read it in the Race thread, but basically since no one raised any objections at the time and the history of the planet was still very vague, I decided to go and say that they were originally a very developed and civilized Empire that came into existence because a group of God-like dragons evolved them and shaped them into Draconians, or Dragonfolk. Then eventually a group of the Draconians decided to overthrow the Dragons who had grown to become rather lazy and apathetic, killing most of them but also dooming the race to a slow rate of devolution down to the simple Lizardfolk they are now.

I can, however, easily adapt this to fit with the whole War of the Ancients idea, or we can say that the Reign of the Dragons happened even farther in the past than it.

Last edited 14/04/08(Tue)21:25.

>> No.6548   [Delete]   [Edit]

As another who also wrong it some previous world building in the races section I added some potential backgrounds that hopefully won't conflict with this either.

The Rakshasa could fit in anywhere, even in the ancient war as one of the groups the monsters were able to overwhelm and drive away.

The Demons, well I'm still working on them, so I'll have to work it in some.

>> No.6549   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1397041327265.jpg -(270.5 KiB, 606x784) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Space travelers could be involved, but one thing is for certain: The war did involve giant monsters so I have no choice but to keep that as an element. It was already cemented long ago and talked about and referenced ICly a few times during a plot with the Dark Elves. So it'd be rather silly to suddenly change that.

But otherwise I think it'd be neat to implement ideas like that. Perhaps the Giant Monsters are caused by cosmic radiation that are brought forth from the stars, or perhaps the space travelers were an alien race that experimented on the lesser races, causing mutations in people and creatures resulting in things that became unpleasant very quickly.

It's also been cemented ICly that there were hidden or forgotten scientific facilities that would have been on the world before Aurora's people arrived. Like the place where the BioGirls OCs were found and re-awoken, or the laboratory that contained 'The Organism' from John's plot. I can easily see these things being implemented into a past like that.
To those interested in those sources:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No.6552   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1397077674420.png -(931.4 KiB, 674x571) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The concept of the "God" Dragons actually being powerful dragons from another planet deciding to go ahead and play God on a "young" and virgin planet totally works for me. My original concept was that they weren't really gods anyway, and simply obtained divine-like attributes over time due to the number of Draconians worshiping them as their lords and creators.

And it is absolutely possible, and even understandable, that OTHER races would views the God-Dragons as being mere monsters, since they really only cared about their creations and the Draconians were rather aggressive with the expansion of their Empire.

>> No.6557   [Delete]   [Edit]

It's still mostly not in a final form because I didn't want to create a canon conflict.

But yes, I'll have notes in a little bit.

As for the alien idea, it would make some sense if there was an outside source that helped make the monsters become such a problem they did.

If they were alien created\mutated or simply alien to begin with it would explain why the other races would have been so alarmed by their appearance because it would have if they came out of nowhere.

Of course some races would react to such a thing differently, which is what could lead to why some races are like they are, like said the Elves and the Dark Elves separated over how each chose to fight the monsters, other races could have had their own troubles as well.

Seeing how it was ancient history and mostly through legend, getting the two eras confused could be possible, the dragons could have been around the time of the war or they could have not been.

Last edited 14/04/09(Wed)22:19.

>> No.6560   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1397288375899.jpg -(110.3 KiB, 340x475) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Now here's a thought, perhaps the monsters themselves were the space travelers? Try to imagine a race of sentient space creatures that roam space under their own power looking for new planets to use for whatever purpose. I suck at wording things, but it looks great in my head.

That said I was asked for input via Hazey girls. Since I think i'm the only one who actually has any and accidentally made a key character to them with Flower, I suppose that makes sense. Can't even remember who originally started the Hazey girls but here it goes...

Anyhow, due that this I have been fleshing out my own take on the Hazard girls back-story in my head, and I could see them implemented in these past events. Their origin is otherworldly and human, but perhaps the transference from their former home to this world may have dropped them into this past conflict. Or at the very least Flower, who has a significant gap in her memory that I could fill in to account for that time. Given how she thinks and acts, if Flower were active and discovered during that time, she would have been quite helpful if trusted to do so. The girls would have been activated to aid her in doing this.
Perhaps if this were the case, then it would breathe life into the Hazey girls again. As far as I know, i'm the only one who has any anymore. And they were supposed to have a plot of some sort that never happened. Perhaps they had a part to play? If this were to happen, I'd have to figure out how to get my old back-story ideas into writing for everyone to look at and say yay or nay. Especially since, looking back on the Hazey thread, I (almost) completely went against the original back-story with how I made Flower, Plutonium, and Mercury.

>> No.6561   [Delete]   [Edit]

Lilith was the original creator of the Hazard girl plot. He talked to me about it and I almost jumped on the wagon myself. But there were some complications in the character I chose and I wasn't sure how to play it out. I got stuck and decided to move along.

Lilith, as far as I know, has had a really busy life-style and it wound up limiting what he can do in the RP.

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File: 1392495047772.png -(1.1 MiB, 716x872) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1103086 No.6415   [Delete]   [Edit]  [Reply]

As of today, this thread will be here to help people better be informed about the monsters, so they can better understand them.
This is both for characters "the research papers" and the players.

Also keep in mind that some details are different from the actual MGE setting as it is supposed to represent an alternate world due to many missing details.

>> No.6416   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1392495130755.png -(1.8 MiB, 1292x1359) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

How this breed of demons/monsters came to be

Before we get to the research and it's notes, let's get to know these monsters a bit.
These monsters like many other things, come from another world. They appear as beautiful women with sometimes monstrous features, such as the werewolf.
But, these monsters were not always like that, neither were they so friendly.
In the age of the old demon lords, monsters were dangerous, mindless beasts, with only a few of them possessing any semblance of intelligence.
They were beasts who killed and devoured the flesh of man. A system set in place by the Chief god at the time to keep the human population from growing too much.

How the system works

How the system works is very simple.
All monsters have one being that rules over them called a demon lord, with other lesser monsters ruling over clans or large armies alike.
Monsters start off as relatively peaceful at first, until the human population is allowed to hit a certain number.
When this happens, the monsters turn violent and begin slaughtering humans, destroying towns, and kingdoms.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No.6417   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1392495278066.jpg -(1.0 MiB, 1407x1785) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Demonic energy

Demonic energy is what is present in all monsters/demons that have their roots within the Monster Girl Encyclopedia universe. Each monster has its own energy unique to it's race, such as a werewolf having the demonic energy of a werewolf and so on.
Now, monsters also have one higher than them, a monster to rule them all.
That monster is called the Demon Lord, and its energy is present in ALL such monsters. Monsters fear and respect the Demon Lord and know by instinct that the Demon Lord is their ruler.
This however doesn't mean that a monster or monsters can't rebel or kill the Demon Lord if they grow discontent.
Such an event happened within the MGE world recently, which is why monsters are monster girls today.
Currently, the Demon Lord is a succubus, both within the MGE world and Aurora. Because of the original curse, all monsters share the aspects of a succubus.
They are capable of charming human men, and have the ability of devouring spirit energy through sex.

Corruptive influence of demonic energy

Demonic energy is like the spirit energy that resides in humans; it is a source of energy that gives life and maintains it.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No.6419   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1392495798823.jpg -(631.8 KiB, 1240x1754) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Their Instincts and what they do

Now, another topic that people are confused with.
The monsters here are different. Yes, they have all the traits of the other MGE world, however, they have the ability to think and fight their instincts should they want to, due to the blue Mana within them.
Some monsters also have their rules altered, such as the doppelganger, making her closer to her older incarnation during the time of the old Demon Lords.
Now, what monsters do is not much different than humans. They have their own beliefs, they can eat normal food, and they don't require sex, except succubi and most other monsters belonging to the demon family (Imps, arch imps, dark angels, etc)
Their morals are looser than humans and they view the sex act with less disgust than most humans normally would.
Some do it for power, some do it to feed, like the succubi, but most go about their lives, studying or training to get stronger the normal way, with their stronger bodies and vastly superior potential compaired to most humans.
A monster's instincts are normally there to protect it, or they're there to guide the monster and tell them how they should live their lives in order to act as the proper monster of that race.
Due to the curse of the succubus from the MGE world however, this was distorted into a constant desire for sex, thus why Helen created a way for monsters here to eliminate such urges.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No.6420   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1392495986081.png -(385.7 KiB, 500x721) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The demon realm

The demon realm is where the monsters usually reside and feel most at home.
Like humans who live in human realms, they feel the most at home in demon realms because of the demonic energy radiating from the environment, where as humans feel best in human realms due to the spirit energy radiating from their own environment.

There are many types of demon realms, but only a few will be marked here as it is unlikely that any new demon realms will be appearing for a very long time.

Dark demon realms

This is the most common demon realm and is the type of demon realm that Erythia is on top of being a spirit realm.
This is the kind of demon realm that forms when there is a high concentration of "demon" type demonic energy.
In this land, it is always night, the crimson moon illuminates the land, the earth is dark, and the plant life glows an eerie purple or blue with exception to the beautiful light flowers present in the demonic realms.
The air is thicker and dense with demonic energy as well as the water, or rather, this is what humans would feel like, were they to breathe in the air, or taste the water.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No.6421   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1392496066347.jpg -(239.5 KiB, 707x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Monsters and human relationship

Monsters and humans have a generally good relationship thus far, but there is tension, and monsters are careful with how they act around humans as to not cause trouble with them.
Monsters help with construction, or use their racial abilities to further aid the town with things such as mining, manipulation of weather, the ability to control plants to better aid in crops, better harvest and so on.
Therefore, in this sense, the monsters can be seen as a great help and addition to the society

(Not in the actual research papers but for the players to know) However, despite how monsters may be friendly and due to their past as humans which helps monsters relate to them, they are overwhelmed by the great feeling of being what they currently are, and WILL attempt to corrupt anyone they can IF they can. Keep in mind, however, that not all monsters are prone to such behavior, and there are a select few that do not wish to turn anyone.
Monsters as a whole wish to expand on their population, so they use various tactics such as confronting people about fears of being pulled back to their world, and they will use promise of power and many different advantages to lure a human into taking the jump and becoming monsters.

Spirit energy

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1392496549059.jpg -(566.7 KiB, 1200x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

A cure
There is a cure for monsterization and one is to be sold soon once methods to produce it become available.
However, only monsters themselves who wish to turn back will be allowed to have them.

(Not in what was said publicly but for player information) The cure works for any form of monsterization, except for long term cases.
If a human who has become a monster has fully embraced their life as a monster, their souls will change permanently to that of a monster, as whatever part of them that remained as a origin point has disappeared.
In this case, we can consider using Luka and his angel halo as an example.

When luka would seal a human just turned succubus, they would return to being human. However, say the target is as I said up there and it's soul has fully changed.
When sealed, instead of returning to being human, a lamia for example, would turn into a snake.

In the case of the cure, it would simply do nothing.

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I think that the use of suspense in media is brought on only by the fact that people feel the need to have some chance in what's going to happen, otherwise, it's no big deal if you miss the episode where you find out X is alive, because you knew he was going to be, anyway. Similarly, front the villain's point of view, take Deathnote as an example. What's the fun if you know that Light is going to die? For me, it was because I hated him and wanted to see it, but after he defeated L, there was a lot of suspense about whether he would succeed or not. At least, in my opinion. I would personally say that whoever gets involved in this should do so by acknowledging that they might die. Besides, then the reward will really mean something, because not everybody who enters will get it.

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Weapons are whatever you bring in.

If you don't have a weapon, a basic one will be provided for you.

It costs nothing to compete, prize money is 100 gold pieces per win.

Precious metals and gems are the only prizes available, with gold pieces being the default payment unless otherwise specified.

Yes, allied creatures may be used.

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Last question then. When can I start?

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After the announcement thread in /rpi/ is posted, simply place the name of the character you want to participate in the thread and your name in the IRC and I will talk to you about the specifics.

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I have two battlemongers Yusuke and Nero who enjoy beating the ever loving shit out of beasts and demons so I want to include them.

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Now that the idea has garnered enough interest and approval, the actual thread for signing up characters may be found here: http://aurorachan.net/rpi/res/8490.html

Right around nowabouts

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A challenger appears!

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So then, it's fairly common knowledge that there are monsters in this world, but we haven't exactly decided on WHAT sorts of monsters there are. Until now we've sort of been winging it, but I think we could use a set list of monsters that anyone can use in their sessions, just to help provide some consistency.
I'll start with a few I've thought of.

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Giant Snakes live in large rivers and freshwater, unable to survive in the ocean. They are just giant snakes, really. They tend to eat large amounts of fish in the river. They will attack natives, as due to it's size, it's no different from eating a large fish*

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Expanding on Un-dead and elemental spirits, work in progress but measures so far:

Elemental spirits can either have incorporeal bodies or have bodies made up of the element they are part of, these bodies are usually human like in appearance and can be loosely seen to be reflection of the original spirit's original form.

Undead: (Work in progress)

Wright - Caused from the animated corpse of a magical, ki using, or holy person, the magical or spiritual energy in life is reversed upon their deaths, while zombies have a never ending hunger for food, wrights have a never ending hunger for magic, and will specifically attack magical beings to drain them of energy, without magical beings they attack like zombies.

Shade - A strong usually evil spirit that may or may not be elemental. They attack either using an elemental attack, or in the case of non elemental types an energy draining darkness attack.

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This thread needs to be revived

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Vashta Nerada

The Vashta Nerada are microscopic beings that live in swarms, thousands strong. Individually, Vashta Nerada are not a threat. They are very small; some of the dust specks visible in bright sunlight are single Vashta Nerada or small swarms, not large enough to be a threat to most life. In large numbers, they can strip a creature to its bare bones in milliseconds. Vashta Nerada swarms were sentient and very intelligent. Unable to communicate on their own, they are intelligent enough to manipulate various data chips and other devices for communication when necessary. The Vashta Nerada live in the darkness. They cast shadows when they enter the light - even stopping the reach of light from very powerful sources of light. On their own, outside of the darkness, a Vashta Nerada swarm looks like a shadow cast by nothing. They mimic the shadows of their prey to get close, which means staying in the light is the only way to escape. If someone has an extra shadow, it is already too late. Sonic technology can detect the difference between a Vashta Nerada swarm and an ordinary shadow, among other things. It is believed they have no weaknesses (other than the light) and the only thing to do is to run.

Life cycle

The Vashta Nerada live on almost every planet which has meat, including Earth. They are born as microscopic spores in trees and live their lives in forests. These spores are resilient enough to hatch even if the tree is converted into paper. They can hatch and form into a swarm in minutes.

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Maybe...Maybe. Will think more on this.

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