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This is the only *chan that I can access through shitty blocked internet, and it looks like it's been dead since 2011.

Is anyone still lurking here? Anyone at all?

In the meantime, I'll enjoy lurking the shitposting from five years ago...

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Dunno if serious poster if not, but in case you are the answer to your questions is that this is a site for a small, if closeknit, group of people.

Most of the boards don't see much activity since they are mostly secondary in nature, most communication is done on Skype and the primary purpose of this site is for roleplaying on the /rp/ board.

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Well considering AuA -hasn't- been dead since 2011, I'm not sure I wanna take this seriously.

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testing tesing

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This chan is from which country?

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The Shivering Isles

also testing

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