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This is a semi-RP thread in which you can feel free to write stories both short and logn, both comedic and telling, about your characters, that you couldn't tell on /rp/. So basically, whether you want to tell a bulshit, funny story about your character or just a story of an OC from before they came to RP or something like that, this is the right place for it. Just identify and number your posts.


Example: That Time TCC-Tan Got REAAAALLY Fucked Up And Thought Everything Was Donuts Pt. 1

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The steam from a nearby vent seeped into the room, mistily drifting upward and wispily vanishing in the air. There was nothing out of place about it. It was necessary to vent excess heat in certain areas and doing it in peoples' homes made heating a non-issue in the Flotilla. All Quarians knew to avoid such areas in their houses. But that wasn't important. What was important was why the steam was significant.

"Look at that," I said, the end of my cigarette burning a bright orange as I inhaled and blew the smoke out to the left. I pointed at the steam vent, just next to the bed. The girl I had my arm wrapped around sat up, drawing the sheets up to cover herself. I didn't remember her name. Sheira...? Shira? Something like that. "We're hotter than that steam."

She laughed at it. My stupid pillow-talk bullshit. If I'm honest, it wasn't the most attractive laugh, but you can only be so picky when you're pent up. She wasn't bad. She was a nice girl. But she was apparently unaware that I am not. It wasn't hard to tell, but the younger you are, the more desparate you are to see some kind of connection between you and the person you're fucking. Apparently, it's hard for most people not to get attached. "So what now?"

"What do you mean, 'What now'?" I asked, probably looking disinterested or annoyed or something. "I mean... What do we do now?" I gave her this look, this blank stare that apparently said something along the lines of, 'There is no "we".' because she drew back, all offended and angry.

"You get your stuff and go home and I go find my next gig." I told her, unwrapping my arm from around her waist in anticipation for the inevitable shit-storm that my bitchiness was about to cause. "What, so that's it? You're done with me?"

I sat up and pulled on the sheet, in spite of her insistence on covering up. Her tits fell into view and she jumped right up out of bed, grabbing a heap of her clothes off of the floor. "Unbelievable..." She shot me a glare, this death stare like she couldn't believe what was happening. "What's unbelievable? That we're not a fucking couple? That just because we had sex doesn't mean we're together? What's unbelievable is that a girl like you got to climb in bed with me. So, be happy with that, yeah? Besides, it's probably not the last time." I know my words are just going to piss her off even more. But that's what I want. The sooner she leaves, the sooner I can go back to feeling like shit and being lonely.

"My god, you are a bitch." She said, sliding her suit on, pants first. "Look, you're nice," I start, trying not to make her feel so bad that I, in turn, feel bad. "But I'm not. Get it? I'm not looking for a relationship. Maybe a friend with benefits. But not if you're going to misunderstand." And that was the best I could do. That was the best compliment I had for her. That she was nice. But what could have been expected of me? Like I said, I didn't even remember her name. I'd gotten tail three times that week and I didn't remember a single one of their names. It's not like this girl was any different.

So, twenty minutes later, the whole place was empty and I was standing there, leaning my back against the front door, in the buff, thinking, "What the hell am I doing?" It was instantaneous. The second she was gone, I was alone and everything fell away, all the pretenses and lies and smooth talk was just gone. Because there was no one to hear it. I managed to drag myself away from the door and get dressed and in a couple of hours, I was walking down one of the main streets of our little 'city', an energy drink of some kind in my hand that I'd been sipping on since I left my place.

I did a bunch of stuff in town that day. I found us a gig to play at a huge place, I picked up a gift, a replacement cymbal for a certain friend's drum set because he'd dented the last one, which is pretty god damn hard to do, by the way, and I'd gotten a new light fixture for my own place, to make the whole room glow red. It was just my kind of thing.

So, eventually, I was heading down the hall back to my own place. I got to the front door and I heard this noise inside. Things being moved around, looked through and generally rummaged about. "Oh, hell no..." I thought, instantly pissed off. If it was anyone else, they'd think they were being robbed. But I wasn't being robbed, I knew what was happening. My father's pathetic mongrels had found my place and they'd finally come to bring me home. I draw my scorpion, a little white pistol of Salarian design. And it was a mean design. It wasn't like other pistols. But you'll see.

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File: 1423602596795.jpg -(209.2 KiB, 900x875) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I kicked in the door and in the three seconds of sight I had before shots were whizzing by me, I ducked down to one knee, lined up the sights on one of four men, three Quarians and a Krogan and squeezed the trigger. Then, without looking to see if I hit, I ducked behind a nearby couch. I knew how long to wait. "Three, two, one." I counted in my head. BOOM. I heard the shot, which was designed to stick to it's target before exploding. But there was something else. "Oh my god, Sari!" one of them called out. And I knew I'd hit my target. He was probably dead. If he wasn't, his ears were ringing, his ass was on the ground and he was probably missing a chunk of himself. Worst of all, though, his blood was probably all over the carpet.

"So are you guys just retarded or what? I mean, you know daddy wants me alive, right?" I called out from behind the couch, for no other real purpose than to piss them off. Angry people make bad decisions. Especially when their buddies are missing guts. "You BITCH!" I heard one of them yell. "Marco!" I say, not expecting them to understand what I'm talking about. It's an earth thing. Like so many other things. "You... I'll kill you!" one of them said, all full of angst. So, I used my amps to generate a biotic grenade. They call them lift grenades. I just focused and it was there in my hand. I threw it off somewhere in the direction that asshole number one had called out from. "Jarel, no!" I heard another call out in a shrill, cowardly voice, as he saw it land. Clearly, I wasn't far off. "AAAAAAAAAAH!!! OH MY... GOD! HELP! HELP ME YOU FUCKNU-" He started screaming as soon as he was floating helplessly in the air, surrounded by biotic energy and I could see him in the air, even from behind the couch. I threw him with biotic energy, pushing out with my hand, visualizing him being thrown and then a window shattered. Ouch. That window lead out some fifty stories above ground. Not a pretty way to go.

I spun around, ready to stand and fight now that our numbers were a little more even, but as soon as I turned around, I found disgusting krogan breath in my face. Ugh. It was nasty. Krogans apparently don't have a use for dental hygiene. It's a good thing they make up for that in bed. Even better that I never have to kiss any. I felt his strength wrap around my throat and I was lifted up, dropping my weapon and trying to scratch at his arm. No way was it going to be useful, though. Krogans are.... persistent. And tough. "You just killed two of my close friends, so tell me, princess, why shouldn't I throw your ass out of that window like you just did my buddy? It would be easy." I struggled to get something out, but he was choking the shit out of me.

"What? Hahahahaha. I can't hear you." he teased, amused with himself. I can't blame him. It's fun to fuck with someone in situations like this. He loosens his grip just a little, though. I guess he was curious. So I press my hand against his chest and, superior biotic genetics take over, he was slammed against the far wall and I was dropped back on my knees to try and catch my breath. After just a second or two, I was dashing behind a tiny glass table, and over to my bed, ammo flying by and crashing into every god-damn-thing I owned. I slid, on the carpet, which burned like a bitch, over to the bed and reached underneath, pulling back my favorite weapon. A sniper rifle. I fire off one round, which hits stink-breath in the face and... well, stink breath didn't have stink breath ever again.

I rose up slowly, the long barrel of my rifle trained on the last man standing's big, stupid head. A stupid head that was begging to be exploded by my rifle, by the way. "Don't do anything assinine, alright?" I say, talking him down. "I'd love to shoot you, but I don't have to. You can leave, you can get out to the citadel, ask for protection and you'll probably have a fifty, fifty of making it." I explained. And he just stared at me, scared shitless. My eyes wandered for just a moment to the corpse of my first victim, the one I'd apparently blown the stomach out of when I fired my first shot. Oops. And you know what, his blood and guts really were just about everywhere on my carpet. I was going to have to get a whole new place. Wow. While I was seeing what I'd done, though, the foolish thug I was trained went for his gun, so I ducked back behind the bed and activated my cloaking, seeing my rifle and hand vanish before my eyes. I stood back up and made my way back to the other side of the room and snuck around. As he was making his way over to soon discover I'd vanished, I pressed the barrel of my weapon against the back of his neck and let my cloak down. "Asshole, let's try this again. I'm trying really hard not to see your brains all over my bed, now put the fucking gun down." He dropped his rifle and both of his hands shot up above his head. "Now, you know you're not going to beat me up close, either, right? If your Krogan friend couldn't do it, you are fucked, so don't try." I say, trying to make sure this didn't go any worse than they already had. "Now leave." He started toward the door quickly, and I couldn't help but kick him in the ass on his way out.

For the second time today, I was left standing alone in my big empty apartment. But this time, it was significantly more fucked up.

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File: 1428307618322.jpg -(68.9 KiB, 585x345) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This is a tale of a Lewd Laura with her lewd friend [Elya before she became a doggy], and a spitting image of her boyfriend[Jin].


Was it a dream?

Laura couldn't tell. Her head was so fuzzy, the room was bright, the blankets were over her, but she could feel the lack of clothes as the blankets felt a little more comfortable than they normally were. She rolled over to see her best friend in her bed. A bit alarming but Elya wouldn't do anything to Laura. Not unsavory or otherwise. Maybe it wasn't a dream, but being afraid of waking Elya up Laura snaked her way out from under the blanket to the bathroom. Her legs felt a bit weak. Not so weak to the point of stumbling over herself but weak enough to where she didn't have quite as much zip in her stride. Maybe it wasn't a dream. But the Blank wasn't around to suggest the reality of the situation. After all the Blank was the center of many lewd acts in this scenario that has Laura questioning reality.

She'd enter the bathroom in the master bedroom, but she'd neglect to close the door behind herself. She'd look in the mirror to go about her morning routine which called for a vigorous tooth brushing. However Laura would make a rather startling discovery that would put the argument of reality to bed. Laura would see this mysterious white liquid scattered randomly about on her face. The bulk of it just below her lower lip. She'd even wipe it off to investigate but the stench of it brought a tingling sensation to Laura's lower and she felt filthy enough to bypass teeth brushing for a good three hour shower.

Laura would step in and begin to wash herself off with excessive amounts of soap. All seemed to be normal during a rinse before she felt one hand curl around her another hand running the bar of soap down her back.

Elya: Ya gotta get all clean now ya hear~?

Of course Laura's frozen in shock but she can't get the words to demand privacy out because that hand that curled around her has a certain grip on what little there is of Laura's chest while the bar of soap ran lower and lower down her back. Snaking it's way inbetween her legs.


Laura shot up right out of bed with a shiver. Kind of thankful that was the dream. As there's no sign of Elya or the Blank here. If anything it looked like they both got moving well before she did if they were even there at all.

... Wait...

She'd put a hand her face.


Unfortunately, the mysterious white liquid on her face wasn't a dream as she'd promptly go into the shower closing and locking the door behind her as she washed away the previous night and the contents of that dream.

After all if you spend 3 hours in a shower you're bound to be squeaky clean afterwards right?

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this thread gave me aids

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