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File: 1364269705105.jpg -(167.6 KiB, 441x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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As an offshoot of a few threads we've had on /de/, this is something I've had floating around in my head for the last day or two. I'll ask that you don't post in here just to say "OPINIONS," i.e. point out the obvious fact that some people might not see it this way. I know. Instead, read it, think about it, and see if it holds any objective merit.

Comments are fine, but let's try to keep this from becoming flooded with non-specific advice and positive affirmations that won't really be taken to heart. Well, more so than it already is, anyway.


I'm going to argue with myself a little bit here and there to try and address any obvious counter-points, so bear with me.

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Genre/Setting Savvy-ness
This is something that I believe contributes to a certain amount of staleness in RP. We as RPers know that our setting is riddled with Overlords, godly beings, and reality benders. We over-exaggerate the number of them, though. As a result, many people have their characters acknowledge this out loud as well. I believe that in the past, too much attention has been drawn to this 'fact' and it became commonplace for characters to mention it and take it into account. Furthermore, not all the characters who spread this idea around are characters who have actually met or experienced any of these beings themselves.

>But Noko, some of our characters have-

I acknowledge this much to an extent. Some characters have interacted with enough Yukaris and Priers to know that such people exist in the world. I would argue that it is still not enough to believe them to be 'commonplace.' Furthermore, how often has the world been destroyed in RP? Just once.

>But Noko, cities HAVE been destroyed!
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There is another aspect to this same topic as well, and that is how it affects character goals and aspirations.

Several times in recent memory (and beyond) I've seen characters who want something in particular, but are influenced by Setting Savvy to be content to "look around" until they find a reality bender who will give it to them. The idea that this is considered a viable option is rather absurd, to me.

Even within the confines of a small town like Aurora, if you took probability into account, what are the odds that you'll run into the exact person who can bend reality or create whatever it is that your character needs by just wandering around and asking? Not high, I'd imagine, even without the NPCs. Also take into account that godly beings are not usually the kind to just solve other people's problems for them at no cost.

What this basically amounts to is a degree of laziness and reliance on contrived deus-ex-machina rather than pursuing what could sometimes lead to interesting plot developments. If the character is faced with a problem they can't immediately solve, the better way (from a writing standpoint) to solve it would be to have the character face the challenges involved in acquiring it, even if that means coming up with a small DMed plot with some other RPers to make it happen.

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File: 1364272938917.jpg -(52.7 KiB, 634x357) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Time for some silly but valid examples.

Character A: Gee, I really wish I had <some thing that is either too complex or rare or specific to be currently obtainable>.

Character B: I could give you ____, but you'd have to suck my dick. Or do some other kind of unpleasant favor for me.

Character A: Nah, I'll just keep looking! I'm sure to find it in this world!

  • ---


Character A: Gee, I really wish I had <some thing that is either too complex or rare or specific to be currently obtainable>.

Character B: That's not really possible, but I have this <almost what you were looking for but you'd be settling for slightly less than you were hoping for>.

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Going back to this for a second...

>But Noko, the colonies!

I wasn't around much for this era of RP so I can't say what other factors might have influenced some of those destructions or how "common knowledge" the sources might have been. By this point, Setting Savvy had already infected the worldviews of most older characters anyway though.

and finally

>But Noko, villains just need to be smarter to make up for power levels is all! (I've actually heard this argument before so I had to include it. No strawman I swear (wary))
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File: 1364308679602.jpg -(52.8 KiB, 435x366) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

IC Political Correctness / Passiveness
All too many times, we are tempted to give our characters the most understanding and least argument-inducing opinions about things we can, either for the sake of avoiding fights or to avoid making the character seem "bad" or "wrong" in some way. After all, who wants their character to come across to others as biased and unreasonable? The problem is... most people are biased and unreasonable sometimes. Furthermore, there are valid and logical reasons to hold certain opinions even if other people see you that way because of it.

A few places where this comes into play:

The subject of 'dark' magic
Demons and monsters coexisting with humans

Just because you personally feel like a Necromancer can still be a good guy or there's nothing wrong with being a nudist, doesn't mean your character is the kind of person who holds those same beliefs. If you think about probabilities, people who would think all those things are perfectly fine and have no aversion to them whatsoever are somewhat rare in RL as well. Most of us have lived very different lives from "most people," otherwise we probably wouldn't be RPing as little girls on the internet or hanging around on 4chan. So it's stretching it just a bit to apply your own values to a character. Furthermore, people sometimes seem to apply these views to their characters too quickly without having been given ample development.

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...and that effect is a certain lack of drama and excitement. Particularly in a story, maybe in RL as well, people have to disagree and fight and hate each other sometimes in order to create the types of situations where interesting things can happen. Nobody would want to read a story where there was no challenge, and likewise, RP will eventually lose interest if there aren't enough conflicts going on.

This occurs on a larger scale as well with people who play leaders of cities and such. Running a place like the perfect utopia and not ever making decisions that people will disagree with just ends up being boring in RP, and sort of defeats the purpose of not just having a NPC ruler-- if you're going to pay special attention to politics in RP by actually acting it out in RP, you've gotta make it interesting.

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File: 1387256051862.jpg -(78.5 KiB, 750x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I think you've made some pretty damn good and accurate points. I certainly agree from my on perspective.

In regards to the correctness and such, honestly there seems to be an air around of people being somewhat fearful of speaking out against things they don't like. Now, I don't mean like arming pitchforks and torches or something, but its like a lot of people and characters confronted by the whole "Demon" thing either accept it from the get go or reluctantly roll over for it.

I dunno, it just seems like people don't have any nerve, but that's just me.


Also, on that section on savviness, something to go along with that is using OOC knowledge of an event to inject a character into an event that supposedly they wouldn't have prior knowledge to out of the blue.

In the RP circles, this is called "Plot Ascending", something that isn't exactly good. I'm not saying its a chronic, or widespread, problem around here, but I have noted cases of it happening around here so I figured the issue should be brought up.

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File: 1368594889965.gif -(884.2 KiB, 488x275) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Greetings everyone! As some of you may have heard, I have volunteered [for my own personal amusement] to create a document detailing Aside's many and varied fetishes. As some of you may also know, I have the memory of a creme slice with none of the delicious flavored pastries... what was I talking about?
Anyway. To aid myself in this endeavor I have created this thread so that you, yes you, might assist me in this monumental undertaking!
Each post may contain one fetish, which I shall add to the list. If you know of multiple fetishes of her's, then make multiple posts. I will at at some point in the future post a complete list, so you know what has been spoken of before.
And that's about it. Godspeed.

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File: 1376541801746.png -(294.7 KiB, 540x510) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

[00:42:07] * Motochika takes off Jess' pantyhose
[00:42:20] <+Jess> NO
[00:42:29] <Motochika> YES
[00:42:31] <Asie> My fetish.

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File: 1376632559560.png -(79.7 KiB, 553x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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File: 1377066882996.jpg -(115.9 KiB, 400x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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I love this image. I don't know why, I just do.

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File: 1378345761435.jpg -(72.2 KiB, 601x824) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Giga Puddi says:

  • Hrmm, now I want to see Kun being inseminated.
  • New fetish.
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File: 1379017668662.gif -(7489 B, 224x208) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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File: 1383031382307.jpg -(128.4 KiB, 389x433) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

[02:20:40] <Asie> I've got something for you
[02:20:46] <!Misaki> D: It's rape isn't it
[02:20:50] <Asie> But if you died before I can give it, my time would have been wasted.
[02:21:06] <+Ablationer> aside is gonna deliver itself on your doorstep naked except for ribbons
[02:21:16] <Asie> My fetish

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File: 1307178963654.jpg -(287.0 KiB, 1024x742) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Now I know there is a lot of words going around about my own leechy OC. Personally, I know that some people hate him, and that's cool. I don't want you to like my character if you honestly think that he's not likeable. Not everybody is going to like a thing, and I fully don't expect you to. But, since there is a lot of misconstrutions about Lupul, here I am to lay it all on the line. Then you can make an informed judgement when you have the whole story.
I won't begrudge assumptions. I know what the situation can sometimes look like. But in the interest of clearing the air, I will make things absolutely clear. I will not shy away form any questions, as I am honestly quite sick of people talking behind my back instead of coming directly to me with a problem. I have no problem helping to resolve issues, I just need to know of them. I understand that my reputation as a troll is withstanding, but I won't troll someone who approaches me with an issue in a calm, collected manner.
Now, that being said, I'm going to explain leechy's creation, and history in an effort for people to better understand the character.
Lupul was based on a race of shapeshifters from the Ravnica block of MTG. As his race only made a minor appearance in the world of MTG, I used the Swarm-Shifter template from a Dungeons and Dragons source reference book to more fully realize his character. I wanted to create a monster. A sentient, shapeshifting horror that was repulsive and would certainly turn heads in Vaula. The race he was based on, were in fact called Lupuls, and they were mindless shapeshifting piles of blue worms that took a mild delight in eating corpses. I used Lupul as his name because I liked the name, nothing more really. Call it unimaginitive if you want, the fact remains that's what I did. So, I had a name and a concept. A swarm-shifting pile of leeches named Lupul.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Last edited 11/06/04(Sat)05:24.

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File: 1353184760590.png -(3906 B, 210x230) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Yeeeeeea...I came in at juuust the right time.

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File: 1353512699408.png -(49.9 KiB, 131x239) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

y-YoU MiSSed ALl tHe gOoD sTuFf, m-My fRIenD!

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File: 1353540165376.png -(129.3 KiB, 395x399) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

.....Let's just leave that one to memory....

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File: 1353544810481.jpg -(3861 B, 126x126) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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File: 1356302277356.jpg -(51.1 KiB, 488x576) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Holy shit, I can't believe you still have that.

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File: 1356306530388.jpg -(24.8 KiB, 300x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Call me sentimental, but I felt like I should. Reminds me of a lot that happened. It's a nice picture as well.

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File: 1356425483029.jpg -(18.2 KiB, 300x225) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Original thread posted June 2011

Holy Necromorph Batman

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